I am a transgender

I am neither a boy nor a girl,

Not a man or a woman,

I am a person who stands in between them; I am the third gender;

Yes! I am a transgender.

Different from the normal human beings but still one of its kinds,

Same as their structure but different in gender,

Yes! I am a transgender.

And now I am an unknown even to those who gave me birth,

Just because they found out the kind of gender I posses,

They threw me out from their residence and seize away their name from mine,

They discarded me to decide my doom,

They left me to suffer alone,

They left me to screech alone,

They left me even when they saw tears in my eyes,

They took everything they had given to me,

Only some amount of currency in my hand,

It will be the matter of time and it would become peter out; within a very short span,

Then I will have nothing other than this life which I have acquire from them,

Well, that all happened because I am a transgender,

Yes! Just because I am a transgender.

But how is this my fault?

So now I doubt if I have a mother or a father,

Neither a sister nor a brother,

With whom I can play or dance,

With whom I can study and gossip,

With whom I can go to school and everywhere,

With whom I can share my thoughts and pranks,

But unfortunately not a single soul I owe,

Not even a soul, who can cry after my death,

Not even a one, who can wipe my tears,

Not even a one, who can stand by me during the phase of snags,

Perhaps it is all because I am a transgender,

Yes! I am a transgender.

I have a name but not an identity,

I have a life but not an aim,

I have a lot of friends but they do not make a family,

Only because I am a transgender,

Yes! I am a transgender.

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