It has almost been four years since the first part of Jolly LLB was released and it’s still an interesting one to watch taking the socially relevant side of it into consideration. Now in 2017, Fox Star Studios is at it again. There is a bit of hype associated with the sequel this time though, with Akshay Kumar playing the lead with Huma Qureshi by side. The first one had Arshad Warsi battling it out in the courtroom and Boman Irani playing a worthy competitive antagonist.

THE STARS- From prequel to sequel

We all liked Arshad Warsi for his natural spontaneity but would really love if the series went really forward. And with Arshad himself accepting that Akshay would be a better star cast for the sequel, this is no deal breaker, and would prove out to be a bigger commercial success. But we’d have really adored it if was Arshad who played the ‘Zero to hero’ lawyer again.

The female protagonist is Huma Qureshi who seems no less than fit for the role. There is Annu Kapoor playing the strong, and difficult to handle opposition.

A trailer to watch

We loved the energy the trailer that released in December had, and makes it seem that there is something in the film to definitely look out for. The trailer begins with a sarcastic mood.

“Salman Khan ki shaadhi kab hogi?”

Well, how often do you see lawyers asking these questions? But this man has a mind of his own and says- “A good lawyer never return the fee”. Soon we see his real side requesting the judge to go easy on him, telling otherwise he’d have to return the money.

Dialogues-On the punchier side

First thing first, Akshay knows how to deliver, be it action, comedy, or reality. His common man nature and ability to look more like the character than himself has definitely helped the film. There are mostly punchy dialogues and intolerance in the trailer, but it may not seem so in the first go. But just listen to it again, and you would understand.

Just take this for an example,

“Beta jo vakil paise vapas de na, voh vakil nahi” (Listen, a lawyer who returns the money, is not one) emphasizes on his attitude.

And it’s not bound to Akshay alone. Even the opposing Annu Kapoor gets his lines and chances at parts of the trailer. And if did not watch the trailer, you can do it from the link above.

Songs- love it or not!

The songs definitely do not ruin the mood, and packs the energy required for such a genre of films. The Go Pagal song with Akshay dancing amidst the flying colors is a sure treat to watch. The screen is just filled with colors and who wouldn’t like it?

There are more songs in the list like, Jolly good fellow and Bawara Mann that are now trending on YouTube. The views of these songs alone account to more than ten times the views that the  trailer of the prequel received on YouTube.


The trailer got released in December, and the release of the film is set for the 10th of February 2017.


There is no reason to not watch it. The trailer highlights of the movie being a worthy entertainer, and the Jolly series is nothing to be unsure of, we all know what to expect. The only question is whether the hopes would deliver. In a way the storyline seems a bit- I mean very little- of what we call conventional and predictive. But this does not mean that it is not unique in its own way.  It definitely is one of its kind.A bit of twist in the plot at the end would do the trick.

Iss duniya ke sabse bade zahil ne kaha tha… ki ishq aur jung mein sub kuck jayaz hain.” (meaning “The world’s biggest lie is, Everything is fair in love and war”)

Oh!!! We simply love it. And we’d have to say Muskurayenge Mathur sahib, muskurayenge….. par iss film ki release hone ke baad…. which would mean “We’ll smile for sure Mathur sir, but after the film is out and running…..”.


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