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Facts from the Movie KAABIL

‘Khel un logo ne shuru kiya hai, tamasha aap sab ne dekha hai, khatm mai karunga!’

Well, this is one of the amazing dialogues from the movie Kaabil and everyone is super excited to watch Hritikh Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer movie. We all know by watching the trailers that the protagonists are playing visually impaired people in this flick. It is not new in Bollywood to bring visually challenged people as leads, but what still makes this movie sought after and intriguing is the thing for discussion here. Director Sanjay Gupta is catering to a vision which seems very promising. Let us take a look about what he is bringing for audience through this movie.

Sanjay Gupta and Hritikh Roshan Working together for the first time!

There has always been comfort level between actor and director when they work after first collaboration. It is surprising to know that Hritikh and Sanjay shared fabulous relationship despite Kaabil being their first collaboration. Hritikh was quoted saying that for him it was important to surrender to the director, and that trust comes when you believe in director’s vision. Just after signing the movie, he developed great rapport with Sanjay, and that was why he felt remarkably comfortable with him.

Challenges of playing a visually disabled character

Hritikh says that portraying something which an actor is not in person, is acting. And to put reality in acting something which an actor did not experience personally is very difficult. So playing visually disabled was hard. He says that his eyes always flinched while he did action scenes because the brain was receiving messages, so, in a sense, one has to fool one’s brain! He further adds that when he did Guzarish and Koi Mil Gaya, he thought those were hard roles to pull off. But after playing a blind, he feels that this role was hardest for him to play.

Sanjay Gupta celebrates the compliment his actor received from people which says ‘even in pposters Hritikh looks blind.’ The director feels that the effort of Hritikh were so deep, that it was evident not just in the movie, but in still frames too.

Not a normal superstar movie

Director says that this is not a movie about Bollywood obsession which talks about flaunting six-packs and pummelling bad guys. This was also not a movie where a disabled person is having all sympathies of world. It is a movie which inspires, and gives courage to people who have some physical challenges. It is to show that these people are above abject of sympathy.
About the trailer

Some people complained that Kaabil’s trailer gave a lot of information about the plot of the movie. But the director completely disagrees and says that trailers being the most important thing in the movies, should be compelling enough to hook audience. And if people think that Kaabil’s trailer gave a lot, we have much more content hidden in movie. It is a misconception that things are totally clear from the trailer.

Clash with Raees

When inquired about the same releasing date, the actor and director very calmly said that if the releasing dates are same, it us not crime or unethical. But having said that, same releasing dates of two big movies affects the industry in terms of box office prospects. It is unfortunate but without blames.

Kaabil starring Yami Gautam and Hritikh Roshan , directed by Sanjay Guota, is set to hit the screens on 27th January, 2017.

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