How to utilize social media for a good cause?

Social media and its effect on daily lives

We, the modern generation grew up having mobile phones in our hands and social media in front of our eyes. It’s rightly said that social media is a time waster and the biggest cause of modern diseases like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many more, but it is wrongly used. What we are lacking is a good and right perspective. Everything has its pros and cons, but it is up to us what we want to focus on. The side we feed will come into the light. Trying to learn from evil is true mastery. Social media are our enemy because we made them. If we had rightly used its resources then it would have never caused problems. Here are some of the ways and tips on how we can use social media in a good manner.

Follow the right people

How to utilize social media for a good cause?
How to utilize social media for a good cause?

Everyone runs crazy behind the follower’s list. Have you ever focused on your following or your news feed? What you see is what you think. Whatever pops up in your news feed persists in your mind for the day. Instead of just following people, just because you know them or were classmates, etc., follow the right people. Follow people who inspire you, who motivates you, someone who has the same interest page as you. So that whenever you open your feed, you become motivated, energized, and more capable.

Unfollow the toxins

How to utilize social media for a good cause?
How to utilize social media for a good cause?

They were your batchmates or a stranger you met on other social media does not necessarily mean they have the right to access your private life. If they are creating a toxic or negative environment for you, let them go. Unfollow them immediately. You are allowed to choose your vibes. Don’t sink in negativity from anybody. You don’t need to have them in your life. Be specific about your feed.

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Participate in online competitions

Don’t just surf and suffer. Participate and let people flatter. Due to lockdown, many online competitions are going on. We all have an interest in one or the other thing except just studying. Some of you even have an interest in different areas of study. Participate in your field. Learn, read, participate, and win. Even if you lose, you have gained a participation certificate to glorify your resume. You can participate in free competitions. So technically you lost nothing but gained something.

Create your page

How to utilize social media for a good cause?
How to utilize social media for a good cause?

Tired of binge scrolling? Get innovative and creative. The best part about social media is that you don’t have to be technical or a pro in everything. You can be you and you can create anything of your interest. Love writing? Create a writing page. Some people love reading and chances are you might get some fan following. You can follow pages of your interest and learn from their work because that’s how it works, right? By supporting and learning from one another.

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Get the resources and information

How many of us get to know about what’s happening in the world through social media only now? I believe most of us. We have made social media our news channel. Similarly, do with the research about your interest. Top companies or online study websites advertise their upcoming events. Follow them, go through the details, and join. It might lead you to something unexpected which you might be ignorant about. Join the webinars during this pandemic and increase your mental strength and knowledge. Explore the online world.

Apart from fairly using social media, here are some of the tips which might help you digitally detoxify and in fighting through your problems.

Don’t believe in everything

Do not, I repeat DO NOT BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE. Everyone has their bad days and no one post about them, like you. People are only sharing their good moments filtering to make them look perfect. Reel world relies on filters. So, don’t compare your real life with their reel picture. Stay lowkey. Stay private. People don’t need to know everything about you. You might see the saddest faces in reality behind the happiest faces in reel life. You might see people in the worst relationship posing just to make it look perfect on social media.

Uninstall frequently

How to utilize social media for a good cause?
How to utilize social media for a good cause?

Social media has made everything look beyond perfect that now good and better have lost their identity. To save yourself from blunder and chaos, uninstall them frequently. This will restore the calmness within you. You will feel much lighter after uninstalling them for some days. Live life without it and try to explore yourself. All the negativity will be replaced and you will find yourself at ease.

Social media has impacted our lives in the wrong way. We let it destroy inner peace. Don’t give the key to your soul to it. Be particular. Set your boundaries. Don’t just let anybody enter in your aura. Protect your boundaries. Nobody is going to control your boundaries, only you can do that. Only you have access to your life. Live the way you want to live.

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