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BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!

Welcome, Book-Lover! if you have never been to a Book Fair and are looking for the reasons WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT IT, or are trying to know things about it, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

The World Book Fair is the largest platform for all the bookworms. It provides a common ground to share the love for books. In other words, it is not less than a heavenly place for BOOK-LOOT.

many books at the book fair
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!

All the Bibliophiles know how important role, books play in their lives. In the era of streaming shows and movies online, they always tend to find their way back to books. A Bookworm knows the pleasure of holding a book, smelling it and then getting lost in its world. Book Fair is like the festival of books where everybody is celebrating their love for reading. So, if you have never been to any Book Fair, here is THE ANSWER WHY YOU NEED TO.



  • Firstly, the World Book Fair is one of the oldest and the largest event in the Pen and the Printed World.
  • Secondly, every year the Book Fair has its own theme. The last theme of the New Delhi World Book Fair (2020) was “Gandhi:The Writers’ Writer”. It was to celebrate his 150th Birth Anniversary.
  • Also, the Kolkata Book Fair was India’s oldest Book Fair, followed by New Delhi. Since 2013, the New Delhi Fair is organised by National Book Trust along with the India Trade Promotion Organisation(ITPO) AND held at Pragati Maidan.
  • Moreover, every Fair has a guest of honour and some cultural performances.
  • Above all, there is a possibility for you to meet your favourite writer at a fair someday! (fingers crossed)
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!




  • Entering any hall of the Book Fair is like getting a view of Paradise! Just like a Shopaholic is on the Seventh Cloud seeing all the favourite shops at one place, so does a Bibliophile, here.
  • It is a bliss to see those shelves, carpets and tables filled with books. It is like being in the middle of a sea of books and wanting to explore every corner.
  • Any metaphor is underrated to explain the happiness a Bibliophile experiences at this Fair.
books provide happiness
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!
  • Importantly, you find every kind of book here! So, be it fiction, nonfiction, religious, academics or children’s book, EVERYTHING’S HERE.
  • It has a vast collection under one roof and variety of everything, you want to read.
  • In addition, you can find books of different regions and languages too. It is like a NO-BARRIER ZONE with no constraints to any factor. You can find books and even, dictionaries of any language!
  • Also, you get the books of every author, be it a budding or old one. You can find every classics or those rare books, you are looking for.


  • The prices and deals are the best part of the Book Fair. It seems like a low-priced giveaway, at times.
  • It is all about exploring and a bit of luck that you bargain for the book you really want! Most of the stalls have tags with offers that are economical and affordable.
  • Book Fair is filled with reasonable priced books and that too, with good condition. Above all, it is an inexpressible feeling to get a hard-cover for a very low rate.
Book Fairs have the best offer for books
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!
  • It is like those big sales on e-commerce sites, nowadays. Book- Fair days are like a constant book sale period.
  • You can buy loads and loads of books at a minimal budget. So, exploring well is the only big task to do!


  • For all the ones who love Stationery material, you can find many products, as well!
  • There are loads of registers, creativity material, pens and other stationery items along with the books.
there are many stalls of stationery items  in book fair
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!
  • There are also many wholesale-purchase deals and you can bargain the prices too. Moreover, there are many additional things like customised cups, clothing items, frames and bags.
  • If you are fond of collecting diaries and posters, you are going to love this place a lot!


  • If you are really fond of buying your books from a particular publisher, you can find them here!
  • There are many stalls in the different halls of the Fair. A list of publishers and the stall numbers, is always listed outside the halls. You can have a look and find the one, you always buy from.
  • Even if you are looking for some particular academic books or any study material, there are many specific stalls for them. Moreover, many publishers provide you with the facility to order, if the required book is not available.
  • Similarly, you can even look for some specific book for your children or younger siblings. Book fairs provide a platform for every age and encourages all to read!
  • In addition to this, there is always an author’s corner in the Fair. So, there is a very strong possibility for you to get a signed copy or even meet the author. Isn’t it the dream of every reader to discuss about a book with their favourite author?



  • If you are an explorer or always wanted to travel alone, you would definitely enjoy the tour of a Book Fair without a company.
  • There is so much to explore and so many books around that even if there is no company, it does not really make a difference.
  • Above all, Book Fairs are surrounded by various bookworms and readers. So, in no time, you would be interacting with somebody or getting book suggestions!
book suggestions at book fair are amazing!
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!


  • Apart from the books, Book Fair have food stalls too. So, you need not worry about getting tired after a long hunt for books.
  • This is one of the best things about it. You can actually explore half or a part of the place and then take a break. It has some number of stalls serving food and even snacks or ready to eat items. It really makes the day easier!
Food at Book Fair
BOOK FAIR: A must for all the Bibliophiles out there!
  • In other words, you have two sources of energy at a Book Fair. Firstly, the books(obviously!) and finally, the FOOD. So, no need to worry.

A day spent here is worth many days! This is not an overstatement.

If you love reading and exploring new books, going to a Book Fair would actually be one of your happiest days. From the moment you read the Hall number to the time you will be smelling and keeping the books in your shelf!

Do share you experience whenever you go to one and till then, Happy Reading!

LINKS REFERRED:indiatradefair.com

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