Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

Language is the oxygen for communication and the social world. In addition, human beings are social animals by nature, so separating the two is unimaginable. Language learning does not mean memorising an entire structure of a language but, acquiring and understanding the right knowledge.

We use language everyday. It is a vast network and not a simple study. It requires written and oral skills for understanding well. Above all, it is a natural gift that enables us to learn new cultures too.

If you are learning a new language or are facing problems while understanding, here are some tips for you!

Learning language as a child is easier.
Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

When you started learning a new language, you must have heard or read, “learn like a child”. This tip is great on some aspects but not entirely correct. It is important to acquire a language as a child does, his or her mother tongue. But, since our childhood has gone, it is time to look at the brighter side. Most of the adults are bilingual. Since, they already have a good command over one language, learning a new one is not that tough. Moreover, as we grow up, we develop better cognitive skills.

In case you are confused to start learning a new language or not, just know interest can drive many things. Also, with the pandemic going on, we have plenty of time to acquire a new skill. So, here are some brief pointers for you…

Tips and Tricks for Learning and Understanding a Language better!


Every language is very different from one another but shares a common ground which is, expression. Each language has its own phonology, morphology and syntax. It is always the best if we learn from the scratch and not simultaneously, with our first language.

Many consider translation as the most effective way to learn but no, it is not. Firstly, it makes us learn a new language through the path of another which leads to poor cognition. Secondly, it makes communicating in the target(new) language tough because before understanding, we try to translate. In addition, when learning a new one becomes a task, we all run for short-cuts and end up using translations.

Translation is not good for learning a language
Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

If there is a need to actually use one, avoid going for literal translations. Try searching the word or phrase in the target language and comprehend it. You can also try different links that provide a detailed meaning in the same language and not on word to word basis. In other words, learning a language is not a standardised method. Rather, it is a journey and should always be traveled without a translation agency.

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Enjoy while learning!

Learning can be fun, if you want it to be. In today’s world of innovations and technologies, there are plenty of things that you can include while learning.

Firstly, explore YouTube channels that are teaching the language that you are learning. The benefit about watching those videos are that, they are short and easy to store in the memory. You can also find shows on Netflix or any other platform and watch them daily. This is a great exercise for understanding any language. As said, visual learning is the best form!

Try watching anything(short duration) with the target-language audio and subtitles, it will get easier to get a hold on the language. At the initial phase, it might seem impossible to ever understand it. But keep watching any show or a part of a movie(try watching it in breaks!), it will get easier day by day.

Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!
Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

Secondly, explore some fun applications to learn the language better. You can download dictionary applications that provide a new word everyday. Moreover, you can also use quiz sites or applications to practise better.

Some are: QUIZ UP


In addition, there are many fun learning applications. You can take out some time from your day and play a little to learn more!


Listening leads to learning!

The power of listening is a must to know. It is a very important ability to be able to comprehend things. Listening is another good exercise for understanding a language better.

A daily practise of listening to some native-speaker via video or audio, is an important thing to add. Even if you are learning the language from an institute, try to focus on your teacher when he or she speaks. Every language has its own way to be delivered. To master the art of speaking, you need to focus on listening.

Listening is important
Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

(There are many examples stated in the above point that you can refer). You can also try different Podcast applications to understand better. Also, if you are a music lover then why not explore your taste to a new language?


A LITTLE BIT of learning, every day!

Learning is not like magic. Yes, it might feel like one when you have achieved something but you cannot learn something overnight! (not talking about the material we LEARN before an exam!).

If you have to urgently move abroad and need to learn to converse, there is a possibility for you to grasp some sentences. But is memorising few sentences, really learning a new language?

Learning can be a slow and long process.

CONSISTENCY plays a vital role in this journey. You need to add the language in your routine to add it to your brain. Taking three hours one day is not as good as taking half an hour daily for the target language. Even reading or listening to the language before going to bed, is better than ignoring it the entire day.

You need to think of it as a friend who needs constant attention daily! And if you lose touch for days, it would not be good.

INTERACTION is the key!

Interacting involves many aspects of learning a language. It helps us, by polishing our listening as well as speaking skills. Making mistakes while understanding somebody or committing errors while speaking is better than not using the language at all!

Interaction helps in understanding and learning a language well.
Language Learning : An Evolving and A Beautiful Form of Art!

Interacting must be very easy for the ones taking classes or learning through somebody offline. If you are doing so, make sure to utilise this opportunity completely. Try learning from the conversations and note down things you find tough to understand. For the ones, who are self-learning, try joining people speaking the same language through different community-applications. If this is not possible, do not lose your touch with the videos. Try to speak in front of the mirror and compare your speech with that of the person in the video. You will definitely start picking up details that will help you more!

Well, going to the native place where the language is spoken and learning it from the surrounding stands out as the best way. But remember that, it is your will and interest that matters the most when you choose to learn something new!

Language keep on growing with time, so it becomes important to be on track with them. In other words, the process of learning is EVOLVING and so are the languages. Therefore, learning any language can go very smoothly, once you start making it a part of your routine and make it your friend!


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