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How to dress in an interview

A job interview is your opportunity to start something new and exciting. First impressions are important for a job interview. It is crucial for your employer to see you as an employee with potential. And what’s the most essential part of your interview? Yes, you guessed it, dressing right for the opportunity.

Now that you have landed an interview with your favorite firm, it’s time to dress up. Are you prepared to make a long-lasting impression? It’s always a good idea to have something neutral in your wardrobe. That way, you won’t have to rush at the last minute to find an agreeable outfit.

The most important thing to remember while dressing up for an interview is that you should look professional. It is essential for you to look professional and neat, no matter what job you are applying for.

No matter if you are a woman, or a man, or a teenager, we have got you covered. If you’re a woman who has landed an interview at your favorite publishing house or a corporate firm, and needs some styling tips, check out some of our ideas dress in an interview.

Go for a navy blue blazer for unlimited options

dress in an interview
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A navy blue blazer with a white blouse is an effortless option for your business interview. The getup is simple, elegant, and extremely versatile. A navy blue blazer is a great choice to ramp up your interview wardrobe. Not only can you put on your blazer on several occasions, but it also works smoothly with different outfits.

Blazer, button-down shirt and khaki pants

You can never go wrong with blue and khakis. A navy blue blazer paired with a simple white blouse or a button-down shirt can be a signature look. It’s a versatile ensemble that you can wear with different shades of khaki pants or a khaki skirt. You can go for shades like tarnished gold, camel, Boston cream or briar patch.

Dress pants for chic look

Nothing screams professionalism more than dress pants. So grab a pair of blue, black, gray or olive green pants. Pair it with a white shirt or a matching khaki shirt for an effortless chic look. A khaki shirt is definitely a good addition to your business wardrobe. Like the blazer, you can pair your khaki shirt with dress pants, palazzo or skirt, depending on the occasion.

Be fearless with button-down shirts

You can never look boring with button-down shirts. Solid colors or intricate floral patterns, you have endless options. You can go for hues of blue, pink, maroon, black or green for a neat look. You can also experiment with fabrics, like cotton, sheer silk, chiffon or linen. Furthermore, you can also layer it with a thin camisole. Experimenting with shirts works well, as it’s more interesting than your same-old colors.

Gussy up your sweater and dress pants

A pair of classic black dress pants or slacks is a must for any career lady. It is also an essential part of any women’s professional wardrobe. Don’t think twice before investing in a pair of quality black dress pants. Go for pants that fit well. You can pair your pants with a solid coffee color sweater or a solid green pullover.

Dress it up with formal dresses

Dresses are also a good go to option for interviews. But, make sure you go for dresses with appropriate neckline and hemline. Short dresses with slim fit might not be a great idea though. Go for bright-colored dresses that cover you appropriately. All you need after this is a pair of black or beige heels to finish off your looks.

For men also, we have attire options. Go with these options to make the best impression on your interview day.

Go for a single-breasted, two-piece suits

Dark colors never go out of fashion. Dark shades of blue, green, or gray can be worn all around the year on different occasions. Choose a suit of a solid color with small pinstripes for a classic interview look.

White or light colored dress shirts for formal look

White colored shirt or shirt of pastel shades for a formal look. Choose a plain, conservative tie for a neat look. Don’t go for bow ties or busy, bold patterns.

Wear spotless shoes

“Shoes are like makeup for the feet.” Opt for dark polished shoes. Shoes free of scratches or stains look professional and sharp. Also, wear matching socks.

If you are a teenager who has worked hard and scored an interview, congratulations! Teenage years are important for your life. Now that we have established all the important points, time to dress up. Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Button-down shirt and dress pants

No matter your age, dress pants go well for everyone. Pair your plain or checkered dress pants with a button-down shirt of lighter hues.

Blazer and pants

Blazers and pants are all the ultimate outfit to score an interview. When you don’t know what to do, go for a navy blue blazer and lighter pants.

  1. Collared shirts and khakis

Collared shirts look all business and important. When in doubt, grab a white collared shirt and some brown khakis for the signature look.

Colors to avoid during an interview

Colors are lovely, indeed. But you cannot dress up in any color when trying to excel in your interview.

Avoid orange

Orange is the color of sunshine. But it might not look good in your interview wardrobe. Avoid wearing orange to look more professional and sharp.

Avoid brown

Some employers may not like the vibes of earth’s color. Avoid wearing brown during an interview. However, if you wish to wear brown, go for lighter shades.

Avoid red

Wearing red while appearing for an interview may not be a good idea. Red can send unfavorable vibes towards your employer.

Avoid multicolor

Color splash or multicolored outfits are definitely not a great choice. Avoid wearing multi-colored outfits to look more neat and sharp.

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Right accessories for a job interview


Your resume should be your go-to accessory. Carry your resume and all the required documents in a briefcase or a smart bag.

Cover your tattoos

Make sure your tattoos are covered. Tattoos may look cool but look unprofessional. Also, make sure to remove any piercings.

Non- dangling earrings

If you wear earrings, go for small, minimalist earrings. Minimalist gold or diamond earrings give professional vibes. Try to wear as little jewelry as you can.

Wear a watch

Watches don’t only tell time but look professional. Wear a watch with neutral colored belts to look more neat. Avoid loud decorated watches during an interview.

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

Tops with inappropriate cuts

Avoid wearing low-cut tops. Don’t go for revealing tops or tops that are uncomfortable.

No- no to jeans

Jeans might be the greatest invention of this century, but not right for the interviews. Avoid wearing jeans during an interview. Instead, go for formal pants.

Excessive perfume

One should avoid wearing excessive or strong perfume. Also, don’t apply strong scented products before appearing for an interview.

Light makeup is the key

Go for minimal makeup for a more polished look. Avoid heavy makeup. Heavy makeup looks unprofessional and untidy.

Now that you have all the important hacks, go bag your dream jobs

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