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Unveiling the Top 15 Home Decor Colours for an Enchanting Living Space

Are you planning to give your house a colourful makeover? Thinking which colour to choose for your room walls? If yes, then this guide is for you! When it’s about picking the perfect shade for the home walls, then the options are endless. Whatever colour you choose will affect the entire ambience of each room. If it’s about neutral shades such as off-white, beige, and grey, then they are known for their endless appeal.

Do you know wall colour has the power to leave a first impression in the minds of people? Yes, that’s true! The wall colours not only reflect the home style but the people living there too. 

So, if you are planning to get your home walls painted, go through this amazing guide! Happy Reading!

The Selection Process of Colour for Home

Do you know there’s a proper selection process that you need to follow when painting the walls of your home? Let’s have a look at few of them!

  • Think About the Room Size: Pick lighter shades in case you wish your room to appear bigger; however, choose darker shades if you desire a cosier room.
  • Use the Trial Method: Test out a few paint samples on different wall parts to recognize the perfect colour for your wall. 
  • Consider the Surrounding Factors: Before selecting the colours for your wall, ensure to consider a few factors like sunlight in rooms, room size, ceiling height and so on. A few shades might appear great on a colour wheel, but they might not look perfect at your place due to factors like light, the height of the room etc. 

Home Decor Colours

Listed below are few home decor colours that you can choose for your room wall:

Classic White

Home Decor Colours
The classic interior of the living room, decorated for Christmas or New Year

Whiteis the most common colour that people use to paint their walls. The colour is enough to give any space a clean appearance, thus making it quite more appealing. If we talk about light shades, then they can give your mind a calm and relaxed feeling. 

Depending on your taste, you can go with any type of white. For instance, icy cool white is perfect for smaller spaces, whereas warm off-white works better in larger spaces. Simply complement the white shade with contemporary wall art.

Turquoise Blue

White and turquoise open interior
White and turquoise open interior

The Turquoise Blue colour arouses happiness and serenity. The shade can create a pleasant atmosphere, thus making the boring space a perfect one. Prefer this colour in places where you want more motivation and inspiration. For more elegance, you can paint it with neutral colours.

Moreover, furniture can be used to adorn the entire space. You will surely be going to get amazed by seeing the stunning result of this vibrant shade. 

Stone Blue

Minimal Interior in Blue
Minimal Interior in Blue

If you are in search of an elegant and classic colour, then this colour can be utilized in several ways, from simply painting the room walls to furnishing furniture. The rich blue hue of this colour is perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any home.

You can pair the shade by using light colours such as Gray for balancing the Stone Blue colour deep tones. You can also use different blue shades if you want to create a unique look.

Vibrant Orange

Bright modern interior background mock up with orange wall and gray armchair
Bright modern interior background mock up with orange wall and gray armchair

Orange colour, particularly if done on the entryway, creates an uplifting ambience. Whether you choose this colour in your living or bedroom, a wall painted with orange tones can instantly create a dramatic look, and in bedrooms, this colour can create a cosy environment

When combined with lighter shades such as greys or whites, this orange colour can enhance your complete home decor. 

Pretty Lilac

This soft shade of purple, Lilac, has hints of blue, white and red. One can select from pale, deep or rich lilac tones to infuse their home decor. Pair the shade with natural wood or off-white to give the room an airy feel. In case of a contrasting look, try hues like yellow, orange and olive green. 

Rich Gray

Gray is classic and gives a neutral background to any room. There are an ample number of options for customizing the home with this colour. Gray will look best in case you desire to transform your primary bedroom, living room or hallway.


Taupe is another neutral colour that looks perfect in living rooms that have enough natural light. You can best pair the colour with blue, grey or green shades. If you wish to paint your room in different colours but with a soft, neutral and cool backdrop, then taupe will be a perfect option for you. 


cozy modern bedroom interior in purple tones
cozy modern bedroom interior in purple tones

Purple colour has the magic of bringing out the luxury in any room. The colour can create a pleasant ambience, and it works great on the wall if you do office work in your bedroom

There are different purple shades to choose from, like iris, violet, lilac, mauve colour, heather etc. Either you can choose one out of these or can combine them as per your choice. Purple looks great, too, when combined with Gray or white, so think about these shades when painting the bedroom wall. 


The Verdigris colour gives a hue of greenish blue and is a great choice for people who wish to add a feeling of nature to their home, thus giving room a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a timeless and versatile shade which makes it an ideal choice for any room. 

You can combine this shade with different saturated clashing colours like yellow, black, red etc., as per your desire.


A yellow-toned orange Sundial is an energetic shade that can easily lighten any space. This colour is ideal for giving a touch of positivity to any room. It doesn’t matter whether you use this shade on the complete wall or just add hues of it; this colour will surely make the space feel more cheerful. 


Pillows on comfortable sofa in bright living room interior
Pillows on comfortable sofa in bright living room interior

This deep chocolate colour has hues of black, violet and brown that can give a velvety touch to the space. It might seem quite dark to you; however, in reality, the Wenge shade is very elegant that can be used for painting the walls in your home.

Today, this colour is used indoors as well as outdoors. By using it properly, you will be able to make any space appealing, which can hold the attention of people visiting your place. 

Sage Green

Green and gold interior
Green and gold interior

A soothing colour that also falls in the category of green, however, has a subdued tone. Sage Green is a soft green colour having subtle grey and blue undertones. The colour is quite versatile that can be paired well with different colours like Navy, White, Coral, Gold, Gray etc. 

Serene Pink 

Pink room interior, living room interior mockup, empty pink wall, 3d rendering
Pink room interior, living room interior mockup, empty pink wall, 3d rendering

A few shades of pink, no doubt, look great in every way. For giving space a sophisticated appeal, choose softer pink shades. Serene Pink can be a great choice for adorning the walls of your bedroom. 

A splash of pink shade with gold is the best colour combination that can be used for painting the bathroom walls. Pink Lily is also the best choice that can be used to beautify the room’s wall.

Periwinkle Blue

Closeup shot of a modern bedroom interior in blue color tents

At times, blue is not up to the mark. You need something different, so here Periwinkle comes into play! The colour can enhance the complete space and can be used in your living room.

When utilizing the colour as the accent, simply pair it with charcoal hues. Periwinkle colour is quite versatile that can change the entire room setting into a soothing one. 


For more natural light in your room, get a coating of yellow paint this time. If you want to play with colours, try combing yellow with some other shade. The colour works well with many colours, thus making the space feel more welcoming and appear larger.

For instance, a combination of different yellow shades and blue is known for giving an energetic vibe.

Summing Up

Let’s end up this guide with the hope that it will help you in choosing the best colour for your room wall. Choosing the right colour is not a simple task, and it requires enough research and proper planning. 

It’s your home- so pick the one that makes you feel good and the one that matches with your home interiors. 

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