Bedroom Interior Hacks: 5 Tips to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Modern bedroom interior
Modern bedroom interior

Our bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries. This is where we spend most of our ‘me time’ and get ready to face the next day. This is why our bedroom needs to be a place which allows us to calm down and unwind.

Our bedroom interior plays a major part in how we feel inside our bedrooms. If your room is cluttered and busy, chances are that you will feel tensed and anxious inside it. On the other hand, if your room has a soothing interior that promotes positivity and calmness, you would feel rejuvenated after spending a few hours in it.

Bedroom with stone walls. Comfortable modern hotel room. Interior architecture
Bedroom with stone walls. Comfortable modern hotel room. Interior architecture

But people who have tiny bedrooms feel that it’s impossible for them get beautiful bedroom But this is far from the truth. Small bedrooms are just as easy to decorate as larger spaces. In fact, with a few tricks, you can maximize the space in your small bedroom and make it look much more spacious. interiors. Let’s take a look at a few of these tips.

# 1 Use Reflective Surfaces

One of the most trusted hacks to maximize space is to use reflective surfaces wherever possible. You can load your bedroom interiors with mirrors, marble floorings, deco paint and other reflective surfaces. This would create the illusion of a larger space and make your room appear more spacious.

# 2 Use Vertical Spaces

A room has ample vertical space that often goes to waste. But for rooms where space is at a premium, we can afford to waste any nook or corner. This is why, using the vertical spaces in small bedroom interiors becomes incredibly important. You can use this space by installing high rise curtains, tall bookshelves, or creeper plants. Using tall lamps is also a good way to use up the vertical space.

# 3 Ceiling Lights

Talking of lights, installing ceiling lights is a good way to free up floor space and prevent your room from looking overcrowded. Ceiling lights are also great for distributing light evenly all across the room and this is what makes them great for bedroom interiors. Opt for bright lights that illuminate every corner, making your bedroom appear larger.

# 4 Use Light Drapes

Heavy drapes can make your room look dark and dingey. Although they can work well in larger rooms, they’re a complete no-no when it comes to small spaces. Instead opt for lighter, translucent curtains that let light enter your bedroom interiors. You can also go for double curtains with thick linings that can be drawn whenever required.

# 5 Avoid Carpets or Rugs

No matter how tempting it is to get a stunning carpet or rug for your bedroom interiors, they simply do not work for smaller rooms. Carpets cut the floor area, making it look smaller. They also reduce visual height, making the room appear overburdened. This is why, avoid carpets and go for a neat marble flooring that would reflect light and give your room more visual space.

Designing a small bedroom can be incredibly tricky. It needs precision and some clever ideas. While these tips are good to give a quick spin to your bedroom interiors, professional interior design firms like Livspace can breathe new life into your room. Livspace is one of India’s best interior design firms that provides the best home décor and design services in the country. With Livspace, your dream bedroom interiors can come to life. So, wait no more. Head to their website and check out their offerings today.

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