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Ancient Warli art of Adivasis

The word warli is the symbol of a piece of land. Warli art is the form of historic art from the ancient period. The emergence of warli art begins from Maharashtra, India. It is also known as tribal art. This kind of art get designed from north Sahyadri range, India by the tribal people. As in India, warli art is one of the most desired art, but then also it did not get any identity except, from India. In today’s scenario, warli art is still put into practice by the people of Palghar district. 

Historical background of warli art

Without having any evidence of the roots of this art get traced in the 10th century. Researchers covered that the tribal people were from the culture which becomes prominent in the Neolithic Period. This period was in the middle of 2500BC-3000BC. The paintings of tribal people get disclosure on the wall in today’s era. From these paintings, researchers find that the paintings were identical to some art. Further, they get to know that these are those paintings which get disclosure between 500BC-10000BC. They get disclosure in Bhimbetka’s rock shelter, Maharashtra. The rare mural paintings make use of rudimentary visual structure like circle, square, and triangle. These visuals come across them after observing the nature. As the circle came from the moon and sun on the other hand triangle came from pointed trees (fir) and mountains. The squares were their discovery which consists of logic.

Warli art in present day

Ancient Warli art of Adivasis
Tribal art in the 21st century with effective colors.

The lovers of warli art flourish the monogram with dignity. They follow the custom of warli art and still create this art on red backcloth with white paint. The only combination of the red and white colour is used in this art. In India, the team of coca-cola has started a movement to emphasize the legacy of warli art. Their motive of this campaign was that the people can know the sense of togetherness. The coca-cola has played an imperative role in bringing the monogram of warli art in the 21st century. But these days that variety of colours is used which makes the product attractive.

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Exclusive variety of warli art 

1. Tribal warli square earrings

These earrings give a bohemian touch to the look. Thus, merging the different vivid colours make a perfect colour combination which perfects with any attire.

2. Warli nameplate 

It beautifully enhances the beauty of the entrance of the home. It is a piece of magnetism for the guests.

3.Warli Keyholder

 It perfectly organizes the keys at one junction. This is also used as a wall hanging. It gives a vintage look to living spaces and walls.

4. Handmade birdhouse

 It is used as a garden hanging for feeding the birds. The string of the birdhouse is made up of nylon which can’t be damaged by birds or squirrels. 

5. Hand-painted pots

 The distinctive painted shapes on the pots give an elegant and attractive look to it. It can be put on the bedside table or on the shelves. 

6. Warli in light

 The artisans beautifully craft the lamp with delicate details. The basic material used in this is terracotta. It strikes the energetic and spirited glow, which makes the home shine. For the vintage look, it should be placed in the bedroom or living room. 

7. Coffee and teacups in ceramic 

The ceramic teacups make the morning perfect. It spreads love and is a symbol of togetherness. Adding these coffee cups in kitchen spaces display the glimpse of tribal tradition.

8. Storage jars 

It depicts the traditional culture of warli arts. It is perfectly used for storing the snacks, cookies or dry fruits. The jars are crafted with pinewood and glass. 

9. Handmade necklace 

It is totally made up of eco-friendly backed clay. It’s various magnitudes, monograms and shapes makes the soul to believe in making attractiveness a part of life.

10. Wall-mounted wax candle

 It exclusively represents the candles mango wood which crafted with the Dhokra art and warli art. This is an antique, hand-painted art of the craftsman. It naturally brings out the traditional and cultural look of the wood.

Artisans of warli art

India is known as the land of traditions and cultures for its vintage arts and crafts. The tribal and fork art of India is so simple and ethnic that it speaks about the heritage of the country. To make this art more beautiful the tribal craftsman of this country portray the shadow of their god in the painting. The reason behind this is that they think, they will get the blessings of their god through painting. To craft the warli art at weddings, festivals, birthplace and at the place which is pure shows the symbol of deities. By crafting these symbols, they ask from god for continuous showering of the kindness for them. The artisans use the white colour to craft the pure image of the goddess. The reason behind using the white colour is that itis the pure and holy colour.

Effective art of artisans in this era.

Background of artisans

The beautiful warli folk art has been religiously crafted by the tribal women. This kind of tribal art discloses its identity in the 17’s. And from that period it has been known as warli art. Making the paintings on the walls of the house, tribal people explore themselves. The reason behind this crafting was not to bring out the myths or the pictures of deities but was to explore the social life. Warli is the largest tribe which has been found on the outskirts of Mumbai. After that in thane district, the number of people was there who still used to maintain their tradition. But today the focus is on the artisans of warli arts. From many two of the profiles of warli artisans are Meenu Shrivastava and Sangeeta Vaishnav.

In today’s research, the conclusion was that most of the warli art artisans belong to the scheduled tribe. After many years, people accept that tribal art is an ancestral work. The researchers of warli art got disappointed about the low demand for this art. Due to technology, the growing revenue of warli art upholds the rising potentials of tribal people.

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