Hill Station: Mussoorie

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First Trip To Hill Station: Mussoorie

Well seriously! There is something about the mountains which itself persuades the people that they WILL go there.

As they say to look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better; and it holds true in every sense of the word.

The tall pine trees, their bundled in clusters leaves; the spiral roads on the mountain making it a little scary at some turns; the mysteriously captivating fog, the chilly wind hustling through hairs. They all welcome the holidaymakers so vibrantly that once you feel the fascinating landscape you will know that IT IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT TO GO BACK TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE LIFE.


Upon reaching you can see the magnificence around yourself. The cold air touches your face with its sharpness; the smell of boiling maize sold by its vendors; and some car smoke (its accumulation occur in the atmosphere due to being at greater height above sea level) surrounds us.

Beauty lies in everything, we just need to observe.

Walking on a road with a slight gradient one can see the innocence of people over there cordially waiting to provide their hospitality and excitement on the tourist’s faces willing to roam around to make sure they don’t miss anything. The side shops on the MALL ROAD attract everybody’s attention. The exquisite wooden artefacts, colourful wall hangings, woollen clothes, locally specializing traditional foot wears all are surrounded by people negotiating the price(one factor that explains we are all the same from within). The hotels providing accommodation also look gripping to tourists in accordance to suit their business.

Uncovering the virtue of the place makes you to explore all the prominent areas there like Dhanolti, Kempty Fall, Lal Tibba, Buddha Temple and some other religious places too.

First Trip To Hill Station: Mussoorie
Hill Station: Mussoorie

While exploring these places the clouds around us and the simple magical aspects of Mother Nature will make one to get absorbed into it. Watching the layers of foliage below the tall pine tree canopy, it feels like as if the time stands still. No matter what but that quietness makes us serene. We are bound to get philosophical in that moment of time and look at our whole life reversed as if played in our mind automatically. Upcoming decisions and circumstances seem to be altogether insignificant and indifferent. Wanting eagerly for the time to stop it is realized the true happiness in life which is peaceful mind.

Although peacefulness is not a physical unit in leading a life; but it is a major aspect of living a life.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. The lesson we learn here is to try to be happy with sound state of mind and stay firm without fearing any circumstances like the silently standing mountains. 

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