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Desserts from around the world

No good meal is complete without dessert. A dessert is that part of the meal that beautifully rounds up the entire meal, and ends it perfectly. And while the desserts of your country or region may be absolutely delicious, you are sure to love the variety of sweet delicacies out there. From the apple pie to the classic black forest cake, every country has the signature dessert that it boasts of. Read on to find more about the best desserts from different corners of the world that you should definitely try out once.

Apple Strudel from Germany

Traditional Apple Strudel
traditional apple strudel with raisins, served with a scoop of ice cream

A strudel uses a puff pastry base, and combines it with apples for that gorgeous old world classic! Pair it with some vanilla ice cream, and you are sure to want more than just one serving. Granny Smith apples work best for this dessert, and you can even use store brought puff pastry sheets to make the dessert in no time.

Baklava from Turkey

Sweet dessert baklava
Sweet dessert baklava on white dessert plate. Top view.

Anyone who has been to Turkey has definitely heard of this delicacy. In fact, it has become quite popular in India also now, with people gifting it on occasions like Diwali. The dessert comprises of layers of filo pastry, with lots of nuts, often also roses and pistachios. The baklava is then drenched in a sticky sweet mixture of honey and butter which makes the dessert absolutely delicious.

White Russian Pie from Russia

Traditional russian honey cake decorated with strawberries and green mint
Traditional russian honey cake decorated with strawberries and green mint, old wooden background, selective focus

A White Russian is basically a cocktail which is made using vodka, some coffee liqueur and cream, which is then served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Over the years, the White Russian Pie, which is inspired from this cocktail, has become especially popular. This creamy pie comprises of a shortbread cookie crush, with some fluffy cream which has been flavoured with Kahlua and vodka.

Bread and butter pudding from United Kingdom

Desserts from around the world
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The bread and butter pudding is a traditional pudding which is made by using layers of buttered bread, over which custard is poured. The dessert also often incorporates raisins and other nuts. The custard is also often flavoured with nutmeg, vanilla or other spices, and the dessert is then baked in an oven. This delightful dessert was invented as a way to use stale bread. However, it has become a national favourite over the years.

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Chinese almond rounds from China

Marzipan, round almond candies
Marzipan, round almond candies in wooden bowl on dark table, selective focus

Chinese almond rounds are a staple dessert at every Chinese New Year, and they are believed to bring about good luck in the year to come. These melt in the mouth soft cookies have a crunchy almond in the middle. And the cookies are shaped like a coin. You can now find them in Chinese bakeries all year round.

Pain au chocolat from France

Spring or Summer Concept with Peaches, Plums, Grapes and Pastries
Spring or Summer Concept with peaches, plums, flowers, leaves and French Pastries making Border Frame

Of all French pastries, most people love the croissant the most. And while nothing can beat a good buttery flaky croissant, a pain au chocolat is a delight in itself. A croissant comprises layers and layers of dough, alternated with butter, which when sliced reveals a beautiful web structure. A good croissant takes time and skill to master and has become a global sensation in the past few years.

Flan from Spain

Vanilla flan
Vanilla flan dessert served on black slate

Flan, caramel custard, crème caramel, etc. are all synonyms for one gorgeous and simple dessert. A flan is a very simple dessert when it comes to ingredients, and comprises of milk, eggs, cream, sugar and vanilla. However, some versions of the flan do exist out there, but each one of it is truly amazing!

Crème Brulee from France

French Creme brulee
Creme brulee. traditional french vanilla cream dessert with caramelised sugar on top.

Another classic that the French gave to the world, the crème brulee is a favourite dessert across the world. It comprises of a creamy rich custard with a layer of hard and crunchy caramel on the top. The sugar on the top is blow torched a la minute, in front of the guest, and the dessert is then enjoyed cold. Though simple, you will find it on a lot of high class menus all over the world.

Gelato from Italy

Ricotta gelato ice cream
Homemade ricotta vanilla gelato ice cream served in ceramic mug with spoon, fresh raspberries and elderflowers on grey texture background. Flat lay, space

Gelato is one dessert which is now famous all over the world, thanks to its wonderful taste and texture. In Italy, you will find gelato on almost every street. This Italian version of the ice cream is basically like a soft serve, and is available in a variety of flavours. These include flavours like rum, chocolate, pistachio and raspberry.

Picarones from Peru

Picarones are basically doughnuts, which have been made by deep frying a mixture of sweet potato, squash and flour. Yeast is added for the leavening, and star anise is often added for the flavouring.

Doughnuts from the Netherlands

Glazed chocolate doughnut
Closeup shot of one round doughnut glazed with chocolate and topped with cereal lying on wet glass surface

Contrary to popular belief, doughnuts do not come from America. Instead, they were introduced to America by the Dutch, who used to call them olykoeks, which translates to ‘oily cakes’. Doughnuts are basically ring shaped desserts, made of yeast leavened dough, which is then fried. They may be enjoyed as it is, or with toppings that usually include jam or chocolate.

Syrniki from Russia

Cottage cheese pancakes or syrniki with cream, fruit jam and flower decoration
Close up dessert of cottage cheese pancakes or syrniki. Ukrainian and russian dessert . Selective focus. Festive Christmas food

Syrniki is a pancake which is made up of quark, and is a popular dessert among Russians. Quark is a dairy product which is made from cheese, and bears resemblance to sour cream in terms of texture. These pancakes are then fried, and may be served with apple sauce, honey, sour cream or jam.

Tarta de Santiago from Spain

tarta de santiago, spanish almond cake
tarta de santiago, spanish almond cake

Tarta de Santiago translates to ‘cake of Saint James’ and is an almond cake or pie with a rich history. The cake originated in the Middle Ages in the region of Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. It is baked in a round shape, and can be made with or without a base. The base comprises of either puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, while the filling is made up of eggs, sugar, ground almonds, lemon zest and sweet wine. The top of the pie is then decorated with powdered sugar, with an imprint of the Cross of Saint James.

Mochi from Japan

Mochi with Matcha Tea
japanese sweets mochi with matcha tea

Mochi gets its name from mochigome, which is a kind of rice high in gluten content. This rice is pound into a paste, and is then moulded into a circular shape. Often, these rice cakes are moulded around a scoop of ice cream. Mocha is available all year round, though it is mostly eaten at the time of the Japanese New Year.

Gulab Jamun from India

Gulab Jamun
Desserts from around the world

Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved and widely eaten desserts allover India, though it is also common in large parts of Southeast Asia. This milk solid based dessert is rich and heavy to eat, and is fried in ghee and not oil. It is then dipped in  sugar syrup, which is often flavoured with cardamom.

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