window view

The Window

There’s a stain on the window, It blurs my view, And darkens the world outside, The view is bleak, The streets are sleek, And the resemblance is striking.   There’s a stain on the window, It stops my thoughts, It restricts my love, Is the wind blowing? Is it not? There’s confusion inside, And the resemblance is striking.   The resemblance is striking, To my heart, My brain,my mind,my soul, There’s a stain, A stain so large, That the world seems small, And dark and bleak.   There’s a stain on the window, And then the sun rises, It blinds my eyes, Blinds my eyes by its magnificence and grace, It’s light so powerful, I feel cleansed.     The sun shines and I close my eyes, I open them after a while, And lo! The stain on the window, It seems to have gone.    
new life

New found life

Let us go then, you and I Through the woods, Dense and deep; Amidst the emerging roots. It will all be just fine. Just the way it all began, The...

Sometimes ‘I wish’ to be alone

  Sometimes I really wish I could be alone, living in my world. In a world where there is no hatred. In a world where...

Load of Expectations

  Tucked-in shirt, Tightened with belt Fairly combed hair, Nervous he felt. Excited parents, Wearing masks of glow and charm They too were nervous from within, Life's clock had struck a new...

I found Myself

Everyone goes through changes, so did I; Have a look *HoW*, give a thought *WhY*. Knickers in a twist, and a double heart beat, won't...

I am sorry

I am sorry for the times I hurt you, I am sorry for all the pain, I am sorry for all the hate and the unnecessary...
High On Love

High On Love

Walking on a rainbow Catching all the stars Moon flirts with my wavy hair Sun shines on my rosy lips Life never looked so beautiful The world never looked...
Lonely girl in forest missing her lover


When the first time my heart did love. It felt like heaven on this earth. I still remember how my eyes used to rebel with...

Life the poem

Life is very strange As time passes we change I feel I can improve more But it becomes difficult before I cant tell which way is right But I...
Beauty Falls For The Beast

When Beauty Falls For The Beast

When beauty falls for the beast She can be smitten, bitten and creased Her life starts to rotate around this one single being The harder he pushes...