When the first time my heart did love. It felt like heaven on this earth.

I still remember how my eyes used to rebel with my brain and rested on its favorite face.

His curly hairs, the square of his chin, his faint line of beard upon his upper lips and more than all his golden glance used to lure me to be soaked into him.

I still remember The way he held my hands and sent electricity down my spine. I knew it was him, and noone else, on whose shoulder I would glady lay my head and let him claim his rights over me.

I still remember, his soccer ball, and his tee shirt that smelled of sweat and playground mud, when in his embrace I stood like a princess and he were my prince and that was our kingdom of love.

I still remember our dance at ball. Your favourite color, black I wore. You kept your hands upon my waist and mine stayed on your chest. You stared hard into my eyes and I didn’t know where to hide.

I still remember Your new bag, it looked so bad. You argued at it being nice but I had not had to watch it twice.

I still remember your haircut. I liked you with your woolen curls.

And they remained the way I liked. The way I wished them to be right.

I still remember your first shave. I rode to your home to see you without them.

You hid your face in the towel.

And I did laugh till I fell in the bed.

I still remember my sweater in your arms, my clutch in you hands, My eyes into yours, and the love in my heart.

I loved you then and I love you now.

I would break into million pieces and you would feel me, like the falling snow

Because I still remember that I were once in love with you.

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