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When Beauty Falls For The Beast

When beauty falls for the beast
She can be smitten, bitten and creased
Her life starts to rotate around this one single being
The harder he pushes her, the more she clings
They are opposites but that’s how it is
Two parallel tracks
Always together
But never meant to meet
This is what really happens
When beauty falls for the beast
He is dark, aggressive, robust and pained
She enters his life like a May month rain
She appears out of nowhere to change his life
He can try very hard but can never fight
Her smile is infectious
Voice like a silver bell
She is everything he is not
He is everything she wants
He loves her like crazy but tries to conceal
No point hiding for she knows how he feels
Iron like fists
Power like Hercules
Dare anybody tries to harm her
The beast will tear him into pieces
This is how you are protected
When you are in love with a beast
Anjum Baba
Anjum Baba
Professional content writer, experienced proofreader/ editor and a published author. Has done M.A in English, voracious reader, an avid writer and a deep thinker. Interacts with her readers on a regular basis. Plans to publish a book of short stories in near future. Her first published book of poems named Scattered Stars is available on Amazon and other bookstores.


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