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Your Festive #OOTD: 6 New Fashion Kurti Styles to Try this Season

#OOTD is the new Instagram fever we all want to rule. Getting your outfit as per the OOTD trend is what everyone desires, especially girls. When it comes to the fashion game, girls want to be the best. And thanks to new trends, viral tips, hacks and styling lessons, today anyone can trend on OOTD. So, why don’t you?

Yes, you heard it right, now, you can also trend on OOTD with some simple and easy tips that too without any branded and “different from the world” outfits. How would you feel if we tell you that your ideal festive OOTD is just one “Kurti ” away? 

By styling your new fashion Kurti with these new fusion styling ways, you can also stand different from the clan and can establish your class, fashion sense and “I am the best” quotient.

So, here are the simple yet trendy new fashion Kurti design styles you need this festive season to ace up your OOTD game.

Hop on Floor-Length Kurtis

Floor-length A-shaped Kurtis is here to stay. With minimal styling efforts and ornaments, this elevates your look in minutes. Pairing it with statement earrings, high heels and a simple light hairstyle further saves your day and makes you feel glamorous as well as confident for any occasion.

How about a Kurti with Poncho

Poncho being modern and Kurti being ethnic and cultural outfits together become a great fusion outfit. This would grab everyone’s attention and would give you extra charming and wow feelings. To ornament this glitter look, remember to choose the right neckpieces, earrings and hand jewellery with a modern touch. A classy and nice clutch would also heighten the glam quotient.

A Belt to Add Detailing

Talking about the new Kurti design for girls, a Kurti with a belt is the best example. Wearing a stylish and sleek belt over your Kurti would detail your outfit and personality at the same time. This would highlight your style statement.

Adding some graceful jewellery and a complimentary dupatta will further make you look like a diva.

A Jacket to Highlight the Outfit

Wearing a long jacket over your new fashion Kurti is another way of styling a perfect Kurti. This would highlight your Kurti and also would give you extra marks for the perfect muster of ethnic and modern fashion style.

If you want to ace this style, always buy this type of Kurtis from a trusted fashion store online.

Saree Drape Style Dupatta

If you are a fan of fusion fashion looks, it’s time you try the trendy saree-Kurti fusion look. Wear your dupatta like a saree and get all those eyeballs at the festive gathering. This would enhance your overall look. Pairing this with perfect earrings and high heels would make you a showstopper.

So, ditch those old boring Kurti looks, and try this new fashion Kurti saree fusion look today and establish yours over the top fashion skills!

Digital Prints

If those old oil paint-dipped paints bore you, digital printed Kurtis are for you. Giving you a sleek and optimally graceful look, digital print Kurtis are definitely a long racehorse in a fashion parade

So, walk ahead of fashion and get this new fashion Kurti added to your wardrobe today.

Kurtis is to keep you alive in the fashion game. No matter if you want to have a friends evening or a relative studded wedding night, Kurtis is your best companion. But, it doesn’t mean you always wear that mainstream, old, out of trend Kurtis.

Refresh your wardrobe, add some new fashion Kurtis. Follow these simple tips and uplift your style game instantly. Pair these with precise heels, earrings, hand-picked neckpieces and hand accessories to complete that ethnic look. To further add on the grace, carry heavy dupattas, statement prints and also extra accessories like heavy jacket and poncho to stand different from boring and mainstream designs everyone wears. You can also add designer bags and clutches to get that “Oh, I can’t take my eyes off you” look!

Be the showstopper and gain everyone’s attention with the right trendy new fashion Kurtis at your hand. Shop these beautiful sarees from reputed online retailers like Snapdeal and say hello Brand Waali Quality Bazaar Waali Deal.


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