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Board Examination for Class 10th and Class 12th in 2019

Board Exams, the worst nightmare in every student’s life. Often it is seen as students lack behind in Board Exams due to lack of guidance and peer pressure. From Secondary Exam result to Higher Secondary Results, the all way is too tough for students. Students in Class 10th and students in Class 12th Board Exams experience totally different phenomena of Exam Pattern. This article is for all students who are appearing in this year Board Exams. We are giving a highlighting statement for upcoming Board Exam Results 2019.

What makes students confuse and double-minded?

Students who are in continuous influence or are taking too much stress often get double minded during exams. Here, parents should play vital role. They should keep the environment light and happy for their child to study at utmost comfortability. 10th Board Exams are more crucial than 12th Board Exams as it’s like a stepping throne for the student in Higher Education. Whereas, 12th Board Result is more important than 10th Board Result, as it decide the further future of student’s.

What should students do to avoid maximum stress during Board Exams?

Set a Routine. Don’t get stuck with the same chair and table for long hours and continue with the studies. Take small naps during studies. Also take small walks for 10-15 minutes before starting the new chapter. Your body and mind both needs to get relaxed for thorough revision and concentration all the way long for Board Examinations. Last but not the least, Eat healthy and sleep well. Atleast have 8 hours of sleep daily. Do your revisions more in the early mornings!

How to get Best 10th Board Results & 12th Board Results this year?

Prepare for the best and leave the rest. Last three months before the commencement of Board Examination should be like do or die. Prepare and Practice so hard that you don’t need to be in stress by the time of Board Exams. 10th Board Exam 2019 and 12th Board Examination 2019 will be much tougher than last year. It is likely to have a higher percentile this year.

What are do’s and don’ts in Board Examination for Class 10th and Class 12th in 2019?

These are some do’s and don’ts which student should read and follow as well:

  • Practice Sample paper as much as you can.
  • Be well prepared with syllabus and Exam Scheme
  • Last Year Paper should be revised thoroughly.

Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Priyanka Priyadarshinee
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