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Myths Engulfing The Introverts


It must have happened with you, you came across an introvert, and you wished to the god that you should have never met him because you could not find a colder and a more indifferent person on the earth than him.

Myths Engulfing The Introverts

Introverts are like that. You surely are not going to like them in the very first instance. They are those tall, beautiful buildings wreathed in mist, the beauty of which you cannot appreciate at once because you are looking at them for the first time at a distance; you have to wait for the mist to disappear so that you can see the real, unbiased look of them. Spend some time with the introverts. You’ll realize that introverts are the best buds you can hang out with. They unveil themselves like the rising sun until now hidden behind the clouds. You are amazed by their brilliance and humility. Once you befriend an introvert, Lo and behold, wait for the magic to happen.

  • Introverts are apathetic.

Well, introverts might seem that they are least caring persons on this planet. But this is as wrong as to say that the earth is flat not round. Introverts are like hawks, they watch your minutest details, even when you don’t know they are. Tell them you don’t like a thing and they’ll take a mental note of it rather than letting it out from the other ear. You enjoy a company of pure bliss with the introverts.

Myths Engulfing The Introverts

  • Introverts are party-haters.

Introverts love silence and darkness. Silence allows them to think; the thoughts which make more sound in the introverts’ brains than the blaring woofers in a party. Introverts love darkness, peculiar it may seem, but the darkness, it is, which provides them solace.  So, one cannot certainly say that the introverts are party-haters, you never know when they are at a party in their own mind.  To get an invitation for the party, you’ll have to be really close to them.

Myths Engulfing The Introverts

  • Introverts will lose if they do not change themselves.

Life becomes easy when you are able to communicate and talk freely without holding any reservations, isn’t it? It might sometimes, not always. Studies show that the introverts are highly successful in their lives. But, why is that?

Myths Engulfing The Introverts

Introverts do well in any and every type of career they choose. Introverts talk when they are required to talk; they hate forced conversations. They are not interested in the fancy talks; they are more interested in talking business to you. Unnecessary talks help them to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

So you better not advise an introvert to change himself/herself according to the world. Respect their space and love them the way they are.



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