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Beware: If You See This In Your Car Door, Here’s What You Need To Do

People in America (USA) have been finding coins into the passenger door handles of their vehicles which certainly seem harmless but it is something every one of us needs to be aware of. Car thieves are always trying to find new ways for getting into your car to steal your luxurious Sedan or your new sporty SUV.

  1. When you wake up early in the morning the first thing you need to do is approach your car and check the passenger and rear doors properly. Car thieves have become more and more advanced and are using smart tricks to steal your cars.
  1. Car thieves just happen to fix a penny between the car door which will normally be on the passenger side or rear doors of the car.
  1. What it does? It prevents that particular door from being locked properly and leaves the door unlocked for the thieves so that they can get inside your car.
  2. The thief will just wait till you get back from work, park your car and lock it. That way, all the doors would be locked except the one in which the penny was fixed.
  1. They won’t even follow you everywhere, what they will do is wait for right opportunity. When you’re asleep in your home blissfully, they would steal your car. It’s a smart move by the thieves but if you’re vigilant and clever enough you can stop it and won’t repent.


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