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5 Most Annoying Types of Co-passengers You Meet During Your Travel

Travelling is that one thing which can give you immense experiences. One of them is the tremendously different variety of co passengers you meet during your travel. While by chance you may some of the best co passengers on earth, but there are times when you do meet the most annoying ones. And I am sure, if you travel a lot, you definitely would have met at least one of these kinds of people who just bore the hell out of you.

1. The “I am so wise” types

Mostly middle aged to elderly, this type of passengers claim that they have had the most enriching experiences in life: they have utilized every bit of their time and talent to the fullest and have gained enough wisdom in their life to preach others. They will preach you on life, career, education – just about anything you can imagine of, every time mainly focusing on how they are right and you are wrong.

2. The “I need all the favors” types

Mainly seen as young to middle aged women, these female passengers are filled with the attitude that they belong to the feminine gender so they should have all the favors – they should have the seat by the window, they won’t bother climbing to the upper berth, they need every best option possible. And every favor they ask for, they have one big reason – “because I am a woman”.

3. The “My kid is a genius” types

They are some people, I personally consider to be the most annoying of all. The only thing they have to talk about are their kids: how they can do everything and are the best in the business. What’s even worse? They would make their silly little kids perform those acts in front of you. They would make the kid dance, sing, recite a poem, show off every kind of talent imaginable, claiming to entertain you to the fullest but actually irritating the hell out of you.

4. The “awkward-personal-questions” types

The most awkward type of people to deal with while travelling, this type of co-passengers just go on asking you any and every kind of questions about you and your life. They are so keen on knowing everything starting from your salary to your love life to your family history that they just forget when to stop.

5. The “overtly extrovert” types

They are great conversion starters, no doubt, and are quite good to pass your time chatting with. But everything is fine only when it’s within a limit, and this is when these people become annoying. They don’t know when to draw the line and go on blubbering making it a point not to stop at any cost. Totally irritating!

And the next time you are travelling, beware of these kinds of co-passengers!

Don’t let anything ruin your travel. Enjoy every moment and learn from your experiences.

Happy travelling folks!!!

Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.



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