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“Modern” Education System: an Enemy to Humanity?

Dear reader, you are now reading an English article on the Internet. Based on this info about you, it is safe to assume that you have received some level of education be it in public or in private educational institutions of our nation. As such, I ask you solemnly-are/were you entirely satisfied with the quality of education being imparted into our country?

Your answer is probably- NO! Did I guess it right? It’s quite easy to guess your answer, your story is perhaps similar to thousands/millions all over India! The reasons behind this “NO” could be:-

  • Unemployment even after higher education
  • Unaccomplished high grades in school/colleges
  • Your compulsion to study a lot
  • Hatred of “Rote-learning
  • No encouragement and/or facilities for co-curricular activities
  • Poor quality of teachers

The list of reasons is vast and each reason can be the topic of yet another large essay! Some of these reasons maybe dismissed by cynics as being a “personal” matter/inability, but I ask you if it is a “personal” issue, wasn’t the educational system supposed to address these “personal” issues/inabilities?

In fact, the very pillars of the education system in India can be considered faulty. Here are some noteworthy points in this regard:-


"Modern" Education System: an Enemy to Humanity?

The foundations of the Modern education system were laid in India by Lord Macaulay in the beginning of the 19th century. He based his system on the existing system in England. The slight modifications made were done so as to establish a section of the Indians as a “glorified” labour force to help them in administering our country. This English education system had in fact been the product of the views of many random  “outdated” thinkers and religious theologians of the time. Even now education is mostly imparted in the form of a fixed body of knowledge and any curiosity is curbed. Many of the basic tenets of the education system still remain same today. For instance, Sunday was Church Day so it was declared a holiday for schools, and it still remains a holiday though we have forgotten the reason why!


The statements in our textbooks and the delivery of our lessons is done in such a way as to discourage any curiosity and creativity on the student’s part. A student is supposed to be a receiver of a fixed, unchanging body of language. The course-load is immense and the evaluation procedure so rigid that the poor student has no time either in class or in his “free” time to question, innovate and wonder- the seeds of human progress remain asleep.


"Modern" Education System: an Enemy to Humanity?

How many of our parents encourage us to pursue our passions in co-curricular activities in preference to academics? Very few! Most would never consider their child’s career in music, dance, arts etc.

In fact,it is not entirely the parents’ fault-it is also the fault of the entire society as a whole that has resulted in a job scenario that demands solely academic excellence. All other achievements are usually considered inferior to the “holy” academics!

The irony is that even excellent grades in top institutes nowadays do NOT guarantee a good job! The employers tend to look at traits that were discouraged in school and colleges!


Three basic human problems are ignored completely by almost all educational institutions. Sadly, it is these problems that they ought to target. These three problems are:-

  • The problem of how to maintain healthy and happy relationships with the family as well as the society.This is the primary problem faced by every human being-a barrier to happiness and contentment.
  • The problem of managing money! Both the poor and the rich alike must know to manage MONEY, which is essential to lead a fulfilling life. In fact.such knowledge may easily help eliminate many social evils!
  • The problem of DECISION- based on a better understanding of oneself as well as outside trends, to be able to choose a job best suited for the person. The job that both guarantees personal satisfaction as well as financial independence to the highest degree possible!

The problems mentioned here are but the tip of an iceberg. A vast sea of other problems exist to be tackled with. These problems together act as a major hindrance to the great engine of human progress. Together, they threaten to tear apart the very fabric of personal life as well as social and economic harmony.

Fortunately, each problem can also be looked upon as an opportunity-an opportunity to bring about a change in the world. It is important also to mention countries like Finland which have taken various reforms and adopted very innovative methodologies in the education system. The first thing you can do to solve the problem is to notice it and to see its roots. That’s exactly what YOU have done today!


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