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Beauty lies in your soul.

Beauty is a feature of a person. We often define it as a character of an individual or an admiring feature of an individual that provides pleasure to the other person.

But,is it so?
Beauty is considered to be an outer feature of an individual. Due to which many people have to face harshness of others. If you’re not beautiful, you’re not supposed to do that thing.
Is this the kind of behavior we expect.

I would deny that beauty is an outer feature. For the first impression, yes, beauty is an outer experience.
But the real beauty lies in the eyes, in the soul of an individual. Real Beauty is all about the ideas and attitudes of a person. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Positive quote
Positive quote

Undoubtedly, Inner beauty is more appealing and captivating. People would definitely don’t like the person who is beautiful but cruel and aggressive in nature. Sometimes, we are also attracted by the good words of an individual.

The inner beauty of an individual accounts for more than just physical appearances.”

If you are physically attractive, it can be regarded to as one of the plus point. But that is not everything one should consider.  Physical appearances should never be overlooked. As all of your confidence comes from within you. The inner self of you reflects your real beauty. Looking pretty from outside doesn’t make you a beautiful person in any way.

    You can dress like an angel, but to really be an angel, you need to understand the difference between the inner beauty and the external beauty.

You don’t look beautiful by dressing up. You’re beautiful for the way you think. Your thoughts make you look more beautiful. Beauty is not about trying to do something. It’s not about doing something which you don’t want yourself to do. Beauty is all about your comfort. Beauty is about accepting who you are. Don’t compare yourself. God has given distinctive characteristics to every person. You should never try to be someone else. Instead accept yourself.

Outer beauty has the ability to please the eyes and readily catches the attention of an individual. But, Inner Beauty is more appealing and captivates the heart.

The real beauty is all about who you are as an individual, what kind of human you are and what principles do you follow, how ethical and moral you are. It’s all about how spectacular you are and how open your mind is.  Real beauty is not about your physical appearance.

Beauty is not defined by the designer bags you carry or the branded cosmetics you use. Instead, real beauty lies within you. It’s a deeper part of your soul. No brand or no accessory can add brightness to the inner beauty you own.

If outer beauty is able to grab the attention, inner beauty is a grace that can make the person look more appealing. Inner Beauty is just like a cherry on the cake.

Looks are temporary. So, is the outer beauty.
Be Beautiful not in your looks but deep down to your soul. 

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