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Anti – Bucket List – Don’t Do Them, Ever!

Do you ever think, how you would die or pass on time thinking of the possible instances that might kill you? Well, as per reports, normal people do not think about death. Instead, they focus on life, the living instances – that’s what is practical, isn’t it? To help live out the best, bucket lists are a part of the plan, without a goal, you can’t score. 

Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson binged on the “bucket list” idea. In eleven years, we have grabbed and absorbed this as a “must-have”. Planning on a bucket list can at times be exhausting. It will force you to accomplish all the things on the list instead of enjoying where life takes you. In a way having it or not, might not impact your mind, but your dreams follow where you have penned down your thoughts and forget living what’s present. 

Steve Jobs quoted “deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do” When we know it’s time we plan out things for specific areas and try to accomplish them. A major portion of our life goes into planning. 

At a particular age, we undermine setting boundaries for ourselves and keep pondering things that should never be done. The bucket list has all your desires and wishes to be pursued in this life. How about an anti-bucket list?

While listing all the events take out your odds, contrast your bucket list with all the ideas that you never want to accomplish. Curate your anti- I bucket list. Stay determined not to pursue them ever in your life. 

Here we have some comic ideas that can help give you cut through the normalcy and get spring into not doing. 

This may be funny and interesting, however, they will not bore you!

Tattoo Of Someone’s Name

Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!
Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!

This is a lover’s thing. People claiming to be each other’s lovers inscribe the name on their bodies only to regret later. Well, if you are in love keep it to yourself. Then one fine day you break up, your tattoo continues to exist as a relic post-breakup material. What next? You get it altered later or keep it for a lifetime. This only makes a relationship more feeble, to proclaim love. 

An Eye Surgery

Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!
Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!

Creepy! Let’s be honest, I have got minus power in my left eye. Items ten feet away are not visible and I fail to read what’s written on board if I sit at the last bench. 

Well, I love my eyes, I’d rather put contact lenses, coat the blindness, then get the surgery done. Risking two really important body parts that won’t grow back ever is the slightest imminence on my living soul, not ready for it though. Ever thought would be witnessing a history chapter? The doctor may fail too, right??

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Plan A Murder

This may sound too sympathetic but I am in no mood of worshipping Satan through a dark deed. Taking away a soul for my selfishness, I mean blood, lifeless, soul loss – that’s too much to take in for a lifetime. 

Would rather, draw the letter authority’s deal with any sort of artifice that comes my way. Also at present, I am in a no place to face jail time, ready to run like Mallya did, or I rot in prison. 

Be Buried Alive

This is not something to be included in an anti-bucket list, but whoever is reading or planning to bury me alive, please don’t. 

Pacify A Cockroach

Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!
Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!

A moment of silence, please. They can fly. They are like the flash versions of insects that appear suddenly, especially when you don’t want them. Although they are considered a rich source of protein and can keep you to energized for long, they are creepy crawlies. Instead, I’d rather kill one with the spray or leave the room. 

Tasting A Carolina Reaper

It will make you suffer. Trust me when I say this, those YouTube videos featuring the ones eating a Carolina Reaper will make you blubber. Its said, some see and learn, some experience and learn.

If seeing such pathetic experiences do not make you weep of getting your taste buds chopped, you may try one!

Working Out On A Vacation

Do not judge me on this. I know it requires commitment and dedication to keep all the stuff going. I don’t think it’s important for me to run, when I can pass the day by eating, sleeping, and watching the sight I went to see.

My profession keeps me being a workaholic the entire day, either writing, advising, or talking to my consultants. I should keep the vacation for the things I love. One life, right?

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A Crash Diet

Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!
Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!

Well no food, is no weight, and no life at all. The thought of losing weight overnight draws us all in the sole idea of eating less or nothing just to lose weight. This is an illicit action without acknowledging the aftermath. 

These diets are known as crash diets. You only depend on few beans, gallons of water, egg once in a week, and leaves – I am not kidding. Expect worse from these diets. They tend to get your metabolism slower, the fewer nutrients results in a weak immune system. Although the gallons of water you intake, keep you hydrated but also bloat your stomach in the absence of essential food wrecking all your efforts so far. 

Avoid Printed Books

Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!
Anti - Bucket List - Don't Do Them, Ever!

Because it’s all digital, the ultimatum for a book reader is to hold that piece of art, smell the old papers and have the feeling of an actual book instead of a glowing screen, where words try to tear your eyes just when you think of diverging your mind into something aesthetic. 

The sound of the flipping page by page, staying put in place, glued to the story, when you cannot put it down, of course, because the story is great – is a sense of immense satisfaction. Making it to the last page, then closing and keep it on the shelf, reminiscence all the good times, the days that you have been going through it – it’s all so natural. 

Let’s be clear, it’s more attractive than your fav favorite meal. I won’t lie about the new age e-books, that are handy, readily available, and just a click away. The e-books today have reduced the number of books I buy from the beautiful stores and also saved a lot of trees being butchered. 

However, the thought of buying one, keeping one, and holding one on a lonely day just makes me as excited as finding a match on tinder. 

Final Thoughts

The above list periodically reminds me of the things I have accomplished. Highlighting the achievements I have made, makes this involvement all the more fulfilling. The prediction of what will bring us sustained “happiness” keeps us away for the actual spring break. It’s great to construct your tomorrow, but leave out the tasks that would make you worry. In order to compliment your mental pitfalls, replace your do’s with the dont’s. Capture the gratitude seeping through the anti bucket items, take a chill pill!

Papri Chatterjee
Papri Chatterjee
Well, just a passionate writer. I work as an HR in my full-time professional capacity. My interest has always been towards unique concepts and matters not much talked about. Avid "Forbes" and "The Guardian" reader. My personal errands include vocab practice. I respect professionalism and highly culture English as a language. The journey of content writing has been long, energizing and motivating so far. Hope to connect well.


  1. Nice reading. Infact a cockroach is one of the few living organisms that will survive a radioactive blast from a nuclear missile.

    Also, may be you can think about the DARK WEB. Its a big NO NO to go there unadviced.

  2. Nice reading the list. Also, a cockroach is one of the few living organisms that will survive a radioactive blast from a nuclear missile.

    Also, you can consider about DARK WEB. Its a big NO NO to go there unadviced.


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