These answers by Hritikh and Katrina are really revelations!


We know them as successful and diligent stars and actors. But here, they are telling something about themselves, that we never ever heard before!
Q)Never ever have I been so embarrassed for the film that I prayed it would have never released.
Hritikh- Laughs and tells us there are two movies that he is completely embarrassed about. But he immediately said that he would not name them at any cost.
Katrina-When she is asked this question, she does think a lot and finally tells us that this happened to her, but refuses to name the movie.
Q)Never ever have I been so upset by my movie’s riview that it made me cry.
Hritikh- Hritikh tells us none of the reviews ever touched him so much that it made him either laugh or cry. He says he takes all of it very lightly.
Katrina-Having a different take from Hritikh, Katrina tells us riviews never made her cry but obviously angry. There was a time in her life that one riview impressed her so much that she called the writer to appreciate his writing. She kept convincing the writer that she was Katrina and the writer kept taking it as a prank.
Q)Never ever have I used my name to get a dinner reservation.
Hritikh-Hritikh tells us that when the situation demands, he does it but not very often.
Katrina-Katrina tells us that every time she uses her name to get dinner reservations! She also tells the reason behind it saying, dinner is the time she wants to have peaceful meal, so she does not compromise with her dinner reservations.
Q)Never ever have I knowingly broken the law.
Hritikh- Hritikh tried to hide a lot but finally told that he broke the law many times when he gets late for work by not obeying traffic-signals.
Katrina-Here our ‘Kat’ is a good girl. She have never broken a law.
Q)Never ever have I lied to a journalist in an interview.
Hritikh- Hritikh said that he had often lied to a journalist, especially when they ask private questions which he does not want to answer.
Katrina-She says tha when she was twenty years old, at that time she lied to a journalist about her age and apart from that, she never lied to a journalist.