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Things only people with good sense of humor will understand!

Good sense of humor has always amazed me, and helped me escape many serious situations. It has been researched that people with good sense of humor have a higher IQ than the ones who don’t. All those with great sense of humor would definitely relate to these:

  • Yes, he is our topper of the class! *The guy cries over getting low grade* Oh-oh! Trouble!

    You can not handle drama even for a second. The minute you see drama around, you know its time to leave.You fail to understand what the big deal is in most of the things happening around you. This has helped you keep your life sorted in a way, but has led you to lose friends on the other hand.

  • ‘Chandler’ and ‘Barney’ are like your soul mate characters!

    You connect to the characters of ‘Chandler’ from ‘Friends’ and ‘Barney’ from ‘How I met your mother’ on a spiritual level. They are the people you look up to, when stuck in a serious situation.

  • “OH! I like the way you make me shut up!” *No double meaning intended*

    You are known for making fun of other people, and some people don’t even talk to you because they are scared of you. But you completely fall for people who can answer back in a witty manner, without getting offended. These people are generally your best friends.

  • “I’m serious.” People: “HAHAHAHA! You’re hilarious!”

    People never take you seriously. You have landed yourself into troubles many a times just because of this. “Like, what do I even do for people to take me seriously?” Sigh. “But hah! Who cares?”

  • “I can’t be sad for more than 5 minutes, is something wrong with me?”

    You have given this a serious thought, of why you can’t be serious for more than 5 minutes. The longest you’ve

  • Your dictionary does not have the word ‘Limit’.

    You have no boundaries. Sometimes, your “jokes” tend to land you up in trouble.

  • You either have best friends or the greatest enemies! No where in middle.

  • Epic is spelled as my name!


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