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Alhambra : The Magical Palace

In the midst of the amazing and beautiful travel destinations in Spain, stands out the most magnificent and alluring Alhambra Palace. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Granada. However, the beauty of the palace is glorified more by its surroundings. The enchanting Albaicin, Sacromonte, Mirador San Nicolas add an unique beauty to the palace.

 The Alhambra comes from an Arabic name Qal’at al-Hamra which means red fort or crimson castle. It was built by the founder of Nasrid Dynasty, Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr in mid 13th century. Later, it had gone through several reconstructions and extensions along with the growing civilization. This palace was designed keeping in mind the mountainous beauty of Sierra Nevada in the background and many other technological aspects. Along with the beauty of Sierra Nevada covered in snow, Alhambra is also surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, oranges fresh spring grasses and the woods of English elms. In the midst of the scenic beauty, one is bound to get lost within the symphony of nightingales along with the serene sound of running water from various fountains and cascades.

Alhambra : The Magical Palace
Mirador San Nicolas

 As you wander around the artistic walls with alluring Moorish interior design, red majestic hue under the beautiful sunset, networks of tunnels and dungeons, you are bound to get transported instantly to the 13th century Islamic Spain. However, the tunnels and dungeons that were used to exchange secret messages and live secretly are closed for tourist. You can only see the entrances. This beautiful fairytale like castle or palace is surrounded by many amazing places such as Mirador San Nicolas, Carmen de los Matires gardens, Albaicin, Sacromonte and many tourist spots. Mirador San Nicolas is famous for its night view of the Alhambra Palace. There is this popular gathering point where you can witness one of the breathtaking view of the glowing orange palace perched on the top of the hill and the shimmering city of Granada beneath.

The aesthetic gardens of Carmen de los Maitres are situated at the top of the hill next to Alhambra. The scenic beauty have the power of captivating your heart as you wander through the beautiful flower garden and ponds. Albaicin is well known for its dramatic view of The Alhambra palace from the hillside consisting of medieval Moorish street and white houses. It is one of the most enchanting places out there. The aroma of delicious food, musical atmosphere created by gypsies and “sun baked squares lined with orange trees” gives you the absolute magical experience. These gypsies come from the old gypsy quarters in Sacromonte which gives you the view of simple county lane of Granada. There are various night shows organised in cave theatres to present you the perfect musical euphoria.

Alhambra : The Magical Palace
Albaicin and Sacromonte

 The palace of Alhambra gives you a magnificent experience of medieval Moorish architecture, natural beauty, other worldly night view, beautiful sunset, mysterious outlook along with traditional musical atmosphere. This magical palace has the power to cast an entrancing spell to make you lost in its tranquillity. Even poets and writers are bewitched, thus portraying it as “a pearl set in emeralds”.

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