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Affiliate Marketing – Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

A common way to increase traffic for your business is to engage in affiliate marketing. Sounds cool, I know. This article will provide ample information on the ups and downs of affiliate marketing. When to conduct affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing bring your company the much-needed change. 

Research has proposed that approximately 63% of companies worldwide fail because of marketing challenges. On the other hand, approximately 70% of Companies have increased lead generation through marketing strategies. They have conducted marketing and release a proposal to expose its brand, its product, and generate a new source of traffic.

Business means the desire to achieve success. Business means effective marketing strategies. It means the crucial design of data and management while moving ahead with high bandwidth competition. Today one of the leading reasons why companies fail to succeed in marketing. Marketing generates traffic and leads, thereby promoting an organization of the products and services it is into.


Affiliate marketing is not a sole proprietorship deal. It involves more than one organization or party, a client, or individual involvement. Affiliate marketing requires an affiliate program. Usually, a retailer being an advertiser offers an affiliate marketing program to another business. This business seeking to promote its brand via affiliate marketing signs up to the affiliate program.

This is a commission-based payment model of marketing. The publisher has a unique link via which he promotes services and products. This link act as the traffic bot for the company’s website. The link generates leads. When a lead purchases the product, the publisher shares a percentage from the sale. This business idea helps in expanding the marketing team. It helps the business to hire marketing people via outsourcing, i.e. third party companies. The successful sale of products and services are used to pay these third party companies. 

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has left businesses bombarded from all directions. Every other organization is thinking about new marketing channels and strategies given the crisis. Businesses are reluctant to try and embrace a new method of advertising because of ample reasons that play a critical part. However, here is where affiliate marketing helps. Not only in creating an overwhelming response but also brings out an organization into a new model of business. This way business has opportunities to grow, establish its image, and expand all probabilities of continuance. 

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

Being the business of the retailer, you are given an option where you can choose to work with the ones you prefer. You sign up for an affiliate program. The affiliate introduces themselves to come on board with you. Every affiliate has a unique assessment strategy to create opportunities that suit your business. Being the publisher you can handpick the best ambassador for your brand, and product who can be the ones generating leads and completing your affiliate marketing strategy

Of course, it’s a traffic generation method. For example, if you try and sell hair care products, you won’t be marketing for people who are looking for dresses or shoes or mechanical instruments. Thus the traffic created on every other channel and every other business are not equal. Affiliate understands industry-wise needs. Affiliates keep them active industry-wise and start once you choose your ambassador. You start receiving audience response and targeted sales. This not only expands your business but also creates customer relationship management modes. The business is given better opportunities to keep up with the customers going forward. 

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The payment for affiliate marketing is tricky. It involves the traditional pay per click payment mode. Here you are charged based on the click, by the leads sent to your way. Once these leads are converted into a paying customer, a percentage of the sales is then shared. However, affiliate marketing does not guarantee the conversion of clicks into leads, and neither the conversion of leads into customers.

In simple words, only when you can convert a lead into a sale you are paid with affiliate marketing. This can sometimes act as a disadvantage for businesses looking for immediate cash and working capital. An ineffective campaign from the affiliate marketing entity does not affect your budget. This involves cost-effective strategies and your marketing is continued. 

When Do You Need Affiliate Marketing?

A marketing person will tell you all how affiliate marketing may be of help. You expand and reach your destination. However, nobody will define the hour of crisis, the correct way to complete affiliate marketing, and options introduced in affiliate marketing that can be used to conduct strategy better. Do you think it is possible to get rich overnight with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

A million-dollar question but the honesty is vague. Affiliate marketing will work obviously, only when done correctly. Affiliate marketing links can be shared by any formal marketer. As a new person stepping into this domain, you may get drawn towards fancy posters, words, and beautifully decorated website.

Affiliate marketing helps to grow your brand but using it takes a lot more than that. The hours of hustle, ample time, set of rules guiding the procedure. Only then your results will knock your door. No overnight surprises, let me tell you. This may also bring you no results at all, but you have to stick to it. 

Just like any other strategy, this strategy may fall flat too. How will you cope up with the challenges that may be bombarded with another failure, given your business is already running through a crisis? The deal of affiliate marketing is in the form of a contractual agreement. This agreement is present between a merchant and the marketer.


Here the marketer acts as the helping hand for people who want to buy products from the merchant. This can be anyone, an individual, a seller, a vendor, a shopkeeper, a retailer, or a business with high brand performance. They all have one common quotient. The selling quotient. The affiliate is the marketer or the publisher for the entire contract. This affiliate helps the merchant make money by promoting the brand, or the products and services anyone anywhere can become an affiliate.

For example, if you find beauty products of beauty bloggers fascinating, you will find a blogger sharing a link where you can use a coupon code. They keep the link mentioned in the description box just below the video. When you click on the link to purchase the product using a code, you purchase at a discount, but also you add some amount to the blogger’s pocket. This is how affiliate marketing completes. 

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

Affiliate Tracking ID

 The affiliate link has a tracking ID. This tracking ID is not visible. To protect the website, or an account from being hacked, the tracking id’s are encrypted. You will find some of the shared links from these bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers, ending with bit.ly link. This can be present in the middle of the website link as well. Technically, if a person is working as an affiliate marketer, it’s best to disclose the identity.

Of recent news, the federal trade commission has issued a directive for affiliate marketers. Anyone promoting a product or service as a means of compensation gain has to disclose his identity as an affiliate. The affiliate link directly takes you to the merchant’s website displaying a range of products. You might have questions that brands like Sephora, Nyka, Amazon, Flipkart, and every other giant using affiliate marketing to sell the product. It is because they do.

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

However, their modes of using an affiliate marketer may be different. For example, talking about my recent experience, I was window shopping on Sephora’s official website. Upon clicking on the desired product, the merchant‘s site with all affiliate products appeared. I was looking for a liquid lipstick from Kylie Jenner. It had multiple options where a range of products from Kylie Jenner, Saint Laurent, and Dior were present. As soon as I clicked on the item of my choice, I was directed to the page of the merchant. However, the link to the merchant site did not have any bit.ly encrypting the tracking ID. Some other forms of encryption took over. 


Affiliate marketing also uses cookies. The visitor’s device while clicking on the link is introduced to the acceptance of cookies. This cookie stays in the device within 30 to 90 days. So if the person or the lead finally purchases the product, the company can trace the affiliate link sent to that customer. It seems fairly straightforward but is not that easy. This is where the pros and cons of being an affiliate marketer play its part. Either you choose or you don’t, both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Affiliate Marketing A Great Idea

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

 If you are an affiliate, you pool a lot of benefits. The first major benefit is a cost-effective budget, hitting your list. Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs. If you sign up for the Amazon associate account, it will help you fill out the tax details required by the program. These details take time for approval. Upon approval, the Amazon associate account furnishes you with your dashboard. That’s it! You become an Amazon affiliate marketer. It does not require anything for you to give Amazon. If your link becomes unsuccessful, that’s just because no leads have turned into sales and no sales mean no commission. It’s almost like no work no pay, as no lead no commission. The risks associated with affiliate marketing are as low as the lockdown we are in. 

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Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Can Be A Great Idea To Begin With

Make sure your brand to product connection is strong. A cheesy salesman is never entertaining. When products are pushed repeatedly, people lose interest. Believe in what you are trying to sell and only then you can become a successful affiliate marketer. When talking of Amazon you might have seen that the new Echo and Alexa devices are being reviewed and promptly responded. People with a huge number of followers put down their views and include a hyperlink that directly takes you to the Amazon page of the product. This hyperlink can be in an encrypted form where just the words “Amazon Echo” takes you to the purchase option. If you purchase from the link, your payment gives a commission to the marketer. 

Value-based affiliate marketing is where you provide additional values of a product or service to your audience. Marketing does not necessarily mean the creation of a new product. If you want some bonus without much creativity or innovation, try affiliate marketing on an already used or an already recommended product or service. You can try giving discounts on the product itself. Like I have stated above, YouTubers share coupon codes in the description box if it’s a popular product and has become a fan favorite one. The viewers and readers would possibly turn out to be that pay generating lead you were looking for. 

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

As described, affiliate marketing takes ample time. If you are ready to take things slow and build up a large audience clicking on your content, you need patience. Promoting content over a long period comes with constant challenges. This is why affiliate marketing does not make someone rich overnight unless of course, you are rebranding something. 


Reputation works well when you have a large number of followers. This acts as the trust link between the affiliate and the visitor. Your voice should have a reason for you to gain respect in your niche. Take an example of famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a popular technology reviewer. He has approximately 5 million followers on YouTube. Every video receives millions of views and thousands of like overnight. He shares affiliate links to the product he uses in the videos. The videos are made lucrative. Audience loving technical products might want to buy them. The easy way to do that and also avail discounts include clicking on the affiliate link, every purchase gives him a commission. 

When Do You Need To Step Away From Affiliate Marketing

No matter how much you plan, strategize and formulate, nothing falls back perfect. Every plan has a drawback. Drawback related to affiliate marketing involves merchants competing for brand-related organic searches. This is why affiliate marketers use pay per click method, as a way to promote products and services. Affiliate marketing may not be useful when you require a reliable source of income immediately.

At first, if you have a business booming over its age you can try using affiliate marketing to make that extra money. However, it is not a replacement for regular income. Income from affiliate marketing may be termed as sporadic income, precisely. Another aspect of affiliate marketing that is a downfall, is your security. As I’ve already discussed, link hijacking just happens.

Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire
Affiliate Marketing - Become The One Ordinary Millionaire

Hackers can easily steal the commission by replacing the encrypted ID of the affiliate link. This will not only allow the hacker to take your commission but also give access to the social channels and other affiliate links that you are promoting. 

Affiliate marketing can be a lot of work to maintain. The process is tedious and relies majorly on the relationship with the customer. If you are working with the right partner there is no doubt you will gain success. You will have to put up content regularly to draw attention to your link either. You perform well or you slip off. If you do not find the audience drawn to your side, you will have to work on getting them improvised. It can be even more work then. Running your own business, having time and energy to manage multiple accounts, monitor links, and the extra work that comes along with it – makes affiliate marketing a challenge for some, not for all. 

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