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Strategies to land your dream college

When we know about the things we are passionate about, we succeed in making a life with eternal contentment. It is very important to know about ourselves and what our calling is. The passion we have for something is our calling and working along with it will keep us going. Relating it with the most important decision is our career choices. Most of the students, forget to focus on themselves and start thinking from the perspectives of others. In the end, when the person who influenced you gets much more successful and you on the same boat feel aggrieved and discontented.  This happened because you decided out of their competence and potential.

Let’s solve this together and find the correct career choice so that we live a life with esteem and contentment.

A positive outlook is the first step

Strategies to land your dream college
Strategies to land your dream college
  • You need an environment to speak out about your things, without being judged upon. This makes one feel like sharing all the problems and then concluding to the right decision. Students who face this problem of not discussing their mind and heart out with their parents, tend to take up decisions based on anxiety, lack of research, peer pressure, and sometimes ‘Sharma Ji ke bete se seekh’.
  • Keep your priorities high and first. Only you know your capabilities, so take decisions accordingly. It’s not at all important that if Sharma Ji’s son can do engineering, you cannot be a Bank Manager.
  • One important thing to mention is ‘grades’, which frights the students and their capabilities to think about their precious future. Often seeing the competition, and then seeing themselves struggling through it,  puts a remark that he or she is not capable enough to get a good college and hence a good job.
  • Grades have just reflected on what you had studied well and nothing more than that. It has never decided the future,  only if scoring low doesn’t become a recurring practice or a habit. Don’t do an injustice to yourself by underestimating yourself and your capabilities.

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Knowing your strengths and weakness is the second thing

Strategies to land your dream college
  • When you are on a crucial point where you need to choose your subjects wisely, think of them deeply. Think that did you study them ever and felt connecting? Or you just hate that subject just because you did not felt like studying? Ask yourself.
  • Now, let me remind you of something. You often heard your one of the friend saying he likes physics, while you hate it. Most of the students don’t like mathematics or physics, but after getting involved in it and going through it they end up doing whole day math and physics. It soon becomes one of their favorite subjects. This is a small example which is true as until and unless you don’t try something, go deep into it and understand it, you presume an image about it.
  • Sometimes strengths and weaknesses are the same. For example, if biology is your point of interest and studying biology effectively scores your marks, but also at the same time you don’t have the habit of studying more of theory as it makes you feel bored or you love biology and can’t think about anything else other than this. There can be many more reasons.
  •  When situations like this arise, one should not forget that if we identify responsibly, what is important, and what we want in life, will be good. Because some habits if controlled can prove to be very helpful in later phases of our life as well. This kind of seriousness is important in all aspects. It’s no wrong to be serious about the right things in life.
  •  One should always find a creative way to indulge in something integral to life rather than escaping from it. This will not only make you responsible enough but also make you feel proud of your decision.

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Planning and organizing

  • Now, when you have decided to keep everything in mind and keeping it clear about your opinions, it’s time to work towards your goal. Whether you chose to be an engineer, a doctor, or a journalist or want to open a business, everything will come through effective learning. After 11th and 12th, when you will be deciding to opt for a college, you must be in a state of position to choose independently.
  • Shortlist your goals and write them down on one page beautifully. Now you can see your goals and purpose you want to achieve. Keep it in front of your eyes so that it keeps reminding you about it and you do not deviate.
  • Try achieving them one by one and just don’t give up if it is taking the time. Be patient and believe yourself. It boosts your confidence when you start accomplishing your small steps which are going to add and become huge soon. Shortlist your dream colleges or college and look for its requirement. Start well off before time and look for your progress.
  • We know top colleges demand higher grades. So you either have the option to take another year to upgrade yourself if you need some more time. Another case is if you are eligible for the criteria then take the admission quickly. 
  • Once you land to your dream place, a life full of contentment, pride, success, and happiness is waiting for you. What more than our parent’s happiness has mattered in this damn world? They are anyways happy if we are happy.

Remember in life, when you have a mission, you don’t sleep until it is complete. Until this fire ignites in you, your success will be at a halt. Don’t stress up and take care of your mental health as well. Just dream, plan, and execute, you will see the results growing.

“You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic”.

                                                                         -Stephen C. Hogan

 “God has placed on your heart a unique and noteworthy passion area where you feel that burning desire to do something. This is your calling.”

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