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A career in the world of Cooking: CHEF

Cooking your mom some finger-licking dishes?? Why not make the world go on their knees with those cooking skills then??

Love cooking so much? Then go ahead and make it as your profession, consider becoming a chef. The road to the destination is not easy – it requires lots of hard work, physical labor, long working hours, and tough competition. But well, guess what? The reward is as delicious as your food. It can be as simple as working in a hotel from running your own chain of restaurants. Well, you decide NOW!

Advice of chef
Two young chef trainees making notes in notepads while working in the kitchen

Chefs or Cooks prepare food in restaurants/hotels. They look after the staff and run a kitchen and sometimes the whole dining establishment. Some have one Head Chef but in some executive Chef is held responsible for the management of the kitchen. It doesn’t involve much hands-on work in the kitchen. Head Chefs are held to run the kitchen and are one of the top-ranking personnel. Next in line are mostly sous-chef. There are various types of cooks in different aspects of food preparation – from cutting to boiling, from baking to final presentation.

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Basic eligibility to do a chef course is graduating 10+2. While pursuing the course of the chef, it’s not that you learn cooking alone, but also other fields of hotel management as well. From house-keeping to general management to cleaning the toilets as well. So, one must prepare itself in such a way. One can easily go for a bachelor’s degree and post that continue to do a master’s in the same field. To become a chef, one must never stop experimenting with food, its textures, and presentation. The inborn love for food, the knowledge of the nutritional food, the spices is what keeps you going more and more.

Courses to look upon:

BA (honors) culinary arts
Post Graduate Diploma in culinary arts
Diploma in food & beverage service
Diploma in Bakery & confectionery
Diploma in kitchen management
Diploma in Bakery & patisserie
Diploma in culinary arts Craft
Certification course in food production
Craftsmanship course in food & beverage service
Craftsmanship course in food production & patisserie

Certain Duties to follow:

This job requires certain responsibilities to do the following work.

Manage Kitchen Staff
Create recipes
Create Menus
PLan Event menus
Fulfill the food and kitchen regulations
Maintain Budget
Prepare Meals

It all depends upon the specific positions that are allotted. Along with duties and responsibilities, come food presentations, creativity is the core of a chef. Bringing newness to a pasta or dal-rice tests the capability of a chef. A Chef makes a meal efficient and valuable.

Work Environment and Schedule

A senior chef giving cooking lesson to young chefs
A senior chef giving cooking lesson to young chefs.

Work is fast-paced and very stressful. As told before, it involves long working hours, training, practices, and can be physically extremely demanding. Injuries as common as in a cricket match. Burns and bruises make the goal achieve faster. Initially, your career begins with assisting someone or just chopping up vegetables, which you’ve got to do, even if it’s for 6 months or a year. Then you slowly and steadily climb up your pace towards being a full-fledged Chef.

Working at nights and on weekends is just as common as a regular day for cooks and chefs. Experience in various restaurants leads a great way to more accomplished position.

A Chef must have skills such as Physical stamina, culinary skills, a great poise, communication command, voice modulation, and attention to detail.

Cooking is an art and hopes you mend it in your way!!


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