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Indian Street Food – an everlasting saga of love!

Indian Street Food – an everlasting saga of love!

Gastronomy affair and Indians continue to have an age-old relation, together with the craziness involved with the Indian street food! For an Indian foodie’, street food at pocket-friendly price and delectable taste, has a never-ending relation. Is there anyone of us, who never prefers their tummies with these pocket-friendly delicacies? From junior to senior segment of the social order, everybody goes gaga over Indian street food. Rather, India is also well-known for being the hub of street food!

Roll it up!!

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: india.com

Each and every state of India caters the populace with its individual ‘finger-licking’ street food. City of Joy, Kolkata is much acclaimed for the Rolls and Mutton/Chicken Kobiraji. Most of the lanes and by-lanes of the city is filled with the aroma. Moreover, Bengals’ ‘Jhaal Muri/Moshla Muri runs amongst the hot favourite.

Street food King- Momos…

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: Wikipedia.org

Snow-capped mountains and momos – a heavenly combo and the most happening street food in the North-east India (and at present, in most of the parts in India). If you still have not exercised your tasted buds on them, then my friend, you have missed something! Piping hot momos together with soup, in worth spending.

Paranthe and others!

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: pipldelhi.com

Parantha Wali gali, is the foodie’s paradise in Delhi. Name a dish, and you will get it. From various sorts of Paranthes to Papri Chaat, Aloo Chaat, Chole Bature and other dishes from the same kinfolk, all of them rule the place. Especially the Aloo Tikki from Chandi Chowk and Karol Bagh, in Delhi will make you go nuts! The authenticity of flavour and the warmth of hospitality, will make you forget the posh-dinner you experienced at the Oberoi’s.

5 minute hunger – Maggi…

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: wikiwand.com

Who can ever say no to Maggi! It is supposed to be our late-night ‘hunger pang’ diet. But did you know that every state in India has their individual recipe with it. From the streets of Shimla and Uttarakhand, Maggi tastes heavenly.

Aamchi Mumbai ke Vada Pav…

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: myindiastay.com

Missal Pav and Vada Pav, one amongst the other staple diet of Maharashtra. And nobody can say no to these delicacies!

Go Goa Gone…

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: growthgravy.com

Goa is known for not only for the sun-kissed beaches, but the best seafood at affordable prices. Travelling solo or with partner, Goa is always present in travel bucket list. Vindalo and Calamari, are a couple of Goan delicacies, found in the shacks on the beaches. To pair them, you must try the local beer- King’s! You ought to feel like a king yourself.

Gol-Gappa and Gossip…

Indian Street Food Pic courtesy: asiaoptions.org

At this instant, the query rises that which street food is ‘shared’ in whole India? The reply is, our very beloved ‘GolGappa’. The cities of India are united with the taste of our very own ‘GolGappa’. Rather, it is christened with several names, like ‘Pani-Puri’, ‘Puchkaa’, Sev-Puri’, ‘Dahi-Puri’. They tickle the taste buds with the mystical power of taste. From the same clan is ‘Papri-Chaat’ and ‘Bhel-Puri’.

Ice ice baby…

Pic courtesy:geetascuisine.com

Pic courtesy:geetascuisine.com

And to top it all is India’s in-house ice-cream, i.e. ‘Ice-Golas’ or ‘Chuski’ of varied flavours. So, whatever name we call them, we all freak out on their tastes! Don’t we?

Chai pe charcha…

Pic courtesy: chefatlarge. in

India is known as the ‘Chai capital’ of the world. And those of you, who likes something to taste hot and fresh, then there is Khullarwali Chai’. It is THE most important thing most of us Indians will never say ‘no’. Bursting with a lot of seasonings and sugariness, the roadside ‘Khullar Chai’ is worth consuming every day.

So, have you started salivating? Is your tummy rumbling out of hunger? For the time being, dish out something from your kitchen and decide wisely as to what to home on to first! Shall it be the street ‘Zaika’ flavour from the North, the West, or else East and South? Take a quick, decisive hit the nearby street food joint, as fast as you can.

Arpita Chatterjee
Arpita Chatterjee
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