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Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

Artificial intelligence development is now real and has sped up in recent months. People know it for its chatbots, autonomous systems, document classification, and advanced predictive analysis. It emerges as the top of the mind in the market. It has taken into account not only the possibilities of danger but also the exciting opportunities for performing every task. An unprecedented amount of investments will foster the progress of automated projects.

However, AI understands images like humans do, used for loan application processing, credit scoring, teacher rating, and many other sensitive areas. The advances in deep learning, cloud computing, big data, the internet of things, and other emerging technologies have accessed more and more data. These technologies have opened multiple advancements in computer vision, speech, machine translation, facial recognition, climate change analysis, smart homes, and power grid usage that proves the exceptional practices of artificial intelligence.

AI for tow truck detection

tow truck AI recognition
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

Earlier, a tremendous range of datasets comprising over 26000 images compiled for car recognition in the parking areas. Besides this, 376 cameras connected to the car recognition services, 122 parking lots, and 5400 parking spaces added to datasets. 

The neural network is the part of AI that can recognize a tow truck. The users get the alert of the tow truck presence. The above portion of a tow truck is visible from an angle. It aims from the building’s upper floor through CCTV cameras.

AI in healthcare

artificial intelligence in healthcare
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

Using artificial intelligence in healthcare expands disease detection methods for better diagnosis, treatment plan to outcome prediction, and also replacing the doctors and practitioners. AI healthcare progress in countries like Finland, Germany, Israel, China, and the UK is human-friendly, low risk, and has high accuracy.

IDX-DR is a suitable example of the first-ever FDA-approved autonomous AI system.  It provides diagnostic support and detects the diabetic retinopathy signs in the ocular images. It has also proved useful in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases., Robotics technology is the part of an AI that accomplishes complex therapy and surgeries, research on new types of drugs, and their treatments.

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AI chatbots

ai chatbots
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

Chatbots is the real-time conversational interface to handle various aspects of communication with a user. One of the effective ways to bridge a gap between AI and the user’s intent. Chatbots are in a hype, making it a powerful opportunity for mobile app developers. The series of artificial intelligence chatbots like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana is accessible in cell phones. The user sends about 70% of the messages via chatbots to get quick answers. Communicating with chatbots rather than a human support representative is not ethical but entertaining. The respondents can leave the chat anytime or can give bold answers. 

AI recognizes hand motions

hand motion AI
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

The stretchable and high-quality skin-like electronic wearable is attached to the wrist of the human skin.  Data fusion is the process of integration of inputs from wearable sensors. The wearable sensors reproduce the skin sensing ability known as somatosensory. 

The technique is in use for surgical robots, health monitoring systems, and gaming systems. The gesture recognition system yields mismatched datasets and slows response times. To tackle these challenges,  scientists have developed a bio-inspired data fusion system comprising three neural network approaches in one system.

AI automation process for Federal Government

The state has invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle complex tasks. The automation in the government sector requires skill sets and education for its officials. The knowledge of the underlying artificial intelligence functions like automated handling, chatbots, and fraud detection is a necessity. AI GSA Coe (Centre Of Excellence) provides better practices for better implementation of technology in their projects.

Calculation of electrical load through AI models

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

AI can track the electric load using smartphone location data. This architecture gives an accurate and practical solution to taking data through geographical regions. Hence it can outperform conventional forecasting methods by over three times.

Cloud computing and AI move hand in hand

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing move hand in hand to develop any application.  Cloud comes up with high data storage that makes AI algorithms process the cloud storage for expedite results.

AI in Digital marketing

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

AI in digital marketing has a whole fresh face. Many brands already use AI algorithms for  24/7 chatbots, analyzing data and trends, managing custom feeds, generating custom based personalized content, and to suggest recommendations when required. Besides, the company looks for a brand voice in the advertising world. With marketing to robots approach, this has grown effective. That is to say, many virtual assistants, robots, and digital avatars are the gatekeepers between the brands and consumers.

AI models to learn a different language

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

AI language generator tools can teach any modern language. The AI-powered app has made it possible to generate exercises based on the individual abilities to adapt it. The machine builds such a strong connection with the users that it can change the difficulty level or also fixes the example exercise according to user persona or style. Hence it becomes a good practice exercise.

AI to buy clothes online

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020
Top 12 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2020

AI-powered applications for buying clothes are top of the mind among the consumers. Further, the app can make you a model for a trial.  Hence you can get a real-life experience of trying on dresses.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is a classic behavioral phenomenon known as psychology literature in the year 1950, said Dr. Matt Johnson, the professor of psychology at Hult Business School and the author. 

According to this theory, the agent comes in contact with the surrounding environment and observes a particular activity; it then responds to the results depending upon the surrounding.  AI-powered characters will adapt to produce elaborate storylines, and consumers will no longer be relative to fixed dialogues and rigid interaction between non-player markets.

Use of Knowledge graphs in professional functions

Google introduced a newer type of database called the knowledge graph in the year 2012. This database is compatible, time-consuming, and expensive. Using knowledge graphs in specialist services like accountancy and law would speed up the work as they automate data retrieval. 


To sum up, Do you think artificial intelligence is a force for good? 

AI and human complexities augment a new data revolution.  Expensive technologies have not integrated cognitive skills yet with existing processes and systems.  Further, its growing popularity has loomed developers to get competence in technology. The updated contextual chatbots, the motion detection technique, tracking insights on government and public company progress, calculating ROI of businesses, computing the electric load are remarkable areas so far.

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