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23 Cool Photography Tips For Smartphone Users

Photography tips have become an integral part of our lives. Wherever we go, it has become a mandatory to click pictures. Pictures signify memory, and it captures beautiful moments so that we could relive them whenever we want to. Also, it isn’t always possible to hire a photographer to click your pictures. Hence, knowing the basic photography tips with a smartphone are a must. So, here is a list some cool tips that you can use to get your beautiful moments captured.

Some Wonderful Photography Tips For Smartphone Users

Focussing is a must

Focussing is an important aspect of photography. If you don’t believe it, then do one thing: take a picture without focussing, and then take another picture with focussing. You would see the difference in the clarity of the image.

Choose daylight over other lights

Flower photography
Flower photography

Daylight/ broad sunlight/ natural light photography is one of the top rated photography tips for every kind. This enables proper lighting and you would surely get way more better pictures than before. 

Rule of thirds

Rock cairn along the river… balance
Rock cairn along the river… balance

One of the interesting and oldest photography tips is the rule of thirds. Here, the camera provides you to click an image with nine grids in it. You have to make sure that you go for your focus in either left or right three blocks to get a compelling image.

Have an editing app

Team of videographers talking about project while working in video editing app
Photo editing app

People may say that instead of editing, go with a natural and original one. Yes, you are right. However, if you are willing to edit, then just don’t listen to anyone and go for it.

Clean lens is important

Woman use cellphone on bed
Woman use cellphone on bed

The foundation of a good picture is clarity; and clarity comes with cleanliness and tidiness. This brings us to the fact that a clean lens is a very important aspect of photography tips.

Avoid cameras from other apps

The cameras present in apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. may seem tempting at first because of its cool and trendy filters, but they are never worth it and ruin the quality.

Use flash when necessary

Flash is the external lighting that we provide. When it comes to photography, natural light is preferred over other ones. However, if it’s dark and you want a shot,  you can go with flash.

Consider portrait mode

Taking Photo on a Mobile Phone
Taking Photo on a Mobile Phone

Portrait mode is one of the best modes for photography. A wonderful feature to accentuate the focus and blur the rest, it can actually bring a lot of clarity to the image. Try doing this the next time you click pictures.

Click pictures in shade

One may not consider this fact but trust me, clicking pictures in shade is one of the highly underrated photography tips. Doing this brings calmness and subtle touch to your overall photograph.

Take a firm shot

You may click several pictures, but getting one firm shot is difficult, but not impossible. Furthermore, getting a non- shaking, clear picture can be a daunting task. Hence, for this, you need to keep practicing. 

HDR mode over everything

A high definition mode can fix even the blur to clear things. Switching it on can help you clear amazing pictures in one go. Selfies, pictures, etc., no matter what the photo type is, HDR works every single time.

Don’t zoom

Zooming in any image can bring the worst out of it. Infact, it may ruin the entire photography. Hence, click the image as it is. If you want to take a closer look, then go near it and click rather than zooming in.

Have a mobile tripod

Woman working with camera phone on tripod on a meadow
Woman working with camera phone on tripod on a meadow

A tripod is a necessary tool for impeccable photography. Moreover, there are plenty of mobile tripods readily available in the markets in various ranges. It provides you with firm, steady shots without any compromise with quality.

Be symmetrical

Few years back, it was a common trend of clicking asymmetrical images. Here, symmetry means that the elements in the picture are not equally inclined towards the focus. So, capturing symmetrical pictures are not only bliss, but are timeless.

Try reflections

Trying reflections in images can also be a cool way of beautiful photography. Not only this, but this thing has been in trend for a few years. So, it is one of the best and trendy photography tips.

Use frames

Frames have always been in trend. It’s just that their shape and pattern has changed in the last few years. You can try natural frames, the one where you are using curtains or walls as your frame.

Try landscape photography

Are you someone who always clicks pictures in portrait mode, and are bored of it ? If so, then try landscape photography. This mode evens out the imperfections, giving a perfect shot.

Close pictures can be classic

Skateboard Spray Can Graffiti Mobile Phone Photography Concept
Skateboard Spray Can Graffiti Mobile Phone Photography Concept

Do you feel that closures are weird ? Or do you feel they are timeless and classic ? Well, closures are definitely a classic. A picture, when captured at appropriate angles can produce a beautiful closure. Try it once and see the difference.

Use filters

Are you someone who feels conscious of your normal images ? If so, then why don’t you go for some filters! If you feel like you need it, then you should definitely go for it.

Click pictures with the shutter button

Sometimes, clicking selfies with the capture button on the screen can ruin your entire picture. For some people, their hands may also shake. Hence, for this, you can click images with the shutter button/ the volume keys. They are definitely a savior.

The timer icon can be amazing

The timer icon in your camera can be your best friend if you have shaky hands or if you don’t have a tripod. Just place your phone at some appropriate place, set the timer and then pose for it- your steady shot is here!

Go monochrome

A monochrome picture can help you get a beautiful classic with less effort. Many smartphones have this default feature of capturing monochrome images. Find them and go for it.

Be well aware of your camera features

In the generation of apps with in- built cameras, be a person of your ‘default camera’. Yes, you read it right. The camera in your phone is a lot better than that of other apps. If you don’t believe it, then go and try it yourself.

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