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This Is How You Can End Up Your Period In Only 3 Days

Periods or menstruation is like hell days for girls. Those days are kind of days of frustration. Those cramps, stomach ache gives you the...
black cat bad luck

The History of Black

Many people's favorite colour is black. Do you know how black colour became more popular? For this, we need to know about the history. The word...

Lost in the World : Double Standards

Double standards   I want to share the story of a friend , a person very close to my heart, a recent graduate, a passionate soul...

Remakes of old songs is the new Bollywood trend

Bollywood has always adopted myriad ways of serving an old wine in a new bottle, but this time the concept of 'remaking of old...

Top 10 Bollywood Storylines That Makes Us Rethink

“Lights, camera and action” The entire movie strip is supported over the phrase. Be it the man behind the camera or facing the camera,...
Indian Rock-cut architecture

5 Examples Of Rock Cut Architecture In India

The historical Indian Rock cut architecture is of unmatched importance and depicts the ancient India by their unique excavated interiors. These medieval...

Multitasking: The Art of Ruining your Career

When I think about my career I realize the fact that someday I am going to be appearing for an interview. There is one...

The Note

Pain. Resentment and eventually, bankruptcy. What did I not lose for you ? when I was a little six year old, I gave up...

10 Best Concepts Cars For The Future

Cars!!! In this new era, cars are not just the medium of transport, its way more than that. Cars have become more like a...

All you wanted to know about Hospital Management

The working of a hospital is different from any other organization in the fact they are expected to deliver quality services 24X7 throughout the...