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Multitasking: The Art of Ruining your Career

Is multi-tasking right for you? Have you been working up late trying to manage your schedule and time? Know how effective multi-tasking can help make your career!

When I think about my career I realize the fact that someday I am going to be appearing for an interview. There is one question which always makes me think. Are you a multitasker? On one hand there lies the perfection or close to perfection artwork in focusing on a single task while on the other hand there exists a greed for knowledge and information. When you are just starting your career and you have little idea where to go, it’s highly likely that you would stumble. Stumbling your way up to the top, you ought to learn a lot of things. For instance, a good sportsman must be aware of any slight chance for him to score before the opposition team makes their move. The time is limited and there are many different skills in life that we need to learn.

Remember in college, when you were surrounded with tens of subjects and practical’s while your mind was wandering somewhere else. It is often the case that what our mind demands and what we give it are two different things. Humans naturally have a carving for knowledge. They need continuous flow of thoughts and new information to feed upon every now and then. We have always made this decision as a kid, then it was way easier and less hurtful as now. Today, for an adult or a college boy things are pretty serious. Say you are studying in a college and you feel there is something which you should really be studying. That something could be a part of your college studies or it may be totally different than what you have been learning all these years. What would you choose to do in such a situation?

I responded just the way everyone else would respond when I was faced with a similar encounter of problems in my life. I started working late, cutting my sleep and thinking over how to manage my time perfectly. There were days when I used to stay up awake all night working on one project and then in the day I used to attend college studying a completely different subject. Then, in the afternoon I would read some books trying to get my head around a new scientific discovery.

My days would start with me trying to focus on my college studies and end with me trying to come with a logical explanation for the atom to behave in a certain way. There was a lot going on in my life before I decided to calm myself down and take a moment to analyze the situation. The observations made me realize the foundation that makes us learn and how the very strive for learning and putting in a lot of information might be the problem. Our mind is a storehouse of information. However, it is also the dumping ground of information. Over the 24 hours in a day, we read, listen, watch, learn a lot new things. If we are aware enough and conscious about our learning habits or about our day-to-day activities, then we would have no problem handling the huge chunk of information.

However, not each one of us is aware every second of the day. This leads to overlapping of professions, interests, passions and dreams. The mind dumps all the information which we didn’t care to be conscious about. It stores up a lot and when the time comes to use the information, we are doomed. The order inside our mind gets disturbed with increase in information and decrease in consciousness. We try to accomplish many things at a time but we are actually not able to dedicate ourselves to even a single task at hand.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]It is the art of performing a number of tasks before the given deadline with the exception of working on a single task at one time.[/beautifulquote]

Multitasking when considered in the terms of time, gives out a sleek definition which if implemented would bring ruins to your career. For some people, multitasking is about doing a number of tasks at the same time. However, multitasking when considered in terms of productivity gives out a beautiful definition which if implemented would bring glory to both the person and the company he works in. For such leaders who know how to utilize the power of multitasking, it is the art of performing a number of tasks before the given deadline with the exception of working on a single task at one time. This methodology shapes the way we grow; it reduces disturbance in the mind and prevents you from ruining your career.


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