The Note

Pain. Resentment and eventually, bankruptcy. What did I not lose for you ? when I was a little six year old, I gave up the memories with toys and games that any kid would have. I chose you. I got a small piano instead. When I was thirteen, instead of watching something that could have been as fascinating as porn, like many of my friends did, I watched AR Rahman and the beat make mesmerizing music. When I was seventeen, I put down my parents and went to percussion classes instead of physics tuitions. I was branded a failure for my faithfulness towards you. When I was 21, I went behind producers and musicians for a chance instead of going behind girls on dates.

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I was a 25-year- old unemployed couch potato who was a burden to a 59-year-old government employee who spent his whole fortune on getting me a seat in an engineering college which I carelessly discontinued. My only support system. My girl. My soul mate left me because her parents didn’t want her to marry a man without a fancy six digit salary a month. Now, I’m sitting on a small cubicle at a call center and jamming on the streets for money, at the age of twenty seven. I gave up so much for you, and I’m ready to do.. even more. I’m still waiting.. patiently for you to realize, for you to reciprocate and I forever will, for my love is passionate and true. I now realize, rather painfully, that no love is unconditional.

An ardent musician

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