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12 Signs Which Prove That Your Friendship Is Real


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Life is incomplete without friends.Remember the good old days spent with your friends in school.Friends who made your school life memorable.Friendship is the essence of life.Friends are like family whom we chose for us.Friendship is not just a combination of ten letters but it is a combination of emotions.Friendship does not mean whom you have known for a longer period of time but have been together always.Its not important to have a large circle of friends important is to have four to five friends who are for ever with you.True friendship requires the most important connection that is connection of heart.They are the ones who have taught you how to live how to spend time without being judged at.They are the ones who know your best and worst yet have chosen you .

You Don’t See Each Other Everyday

True friends are the friends whom you may not see each other everyday.Its not necessary for you to see each other daily.You might not see each other on regular basis but you know that you both are with each other always.But you do try to meet as often as possible.

It’s simple that you might be not able to meet daily because of your own reasons but when you meet everything is same as you had left.There is no change in your friendship.

You Can’t Fake Anything In front of them

They are the ones who know you so well that it becomes tough for you to fake Anything in front of them.They know you.They can read your face.You can make excuses to others but not them.You are you in front of them.They have accepted you as you are .You don’t have to change yourself.

You don’t have to Text Them Daily

Its no compulsion to text each other daily.You don’t text but you call each other often.You might not call or text each other but once you start its difficult for you to turn it down as you have so much to talk always.You never run out of topics to talk about.

You know that you have got their back

Whatever may the reason they will always be with you whenever you will need them.They will be standing with you everywhere like a pillar.They won’t leave you in between and go on.They can fight for you.

You Can Always Trust Them

They are the friends on whom you can trust blindly.You trust them so much that there is no room left to break your trust.You have complete faith in your friendship.Your past experiences with them have made you realized that how important they are and you can trust them without the fear of being ditched at the last moment.

You Never Regret Being Friends

They are the ones with whom you have experienced everything sunny days as well as gloomy days which has made your friendship more strong.They will never let you down .You won’t have to regret being friends with.

You don’t leave a way for misunderstandings

You understand them in the same way as they understand you.There is much understanding.If misunderstanding does occur you solve them within the day.

Your fights Get Over Quickly

You don’t keep grudges against each other.You just blurt out whatever you want to.At the time you indulge in fights which don’t last long as they end by it was your mistake only which is followed by saying sorry to each other and moving on.The best thing is that you never talk about it ever after.

You Can Always Tell Your Feelings without the fear of being judged.

The things which you can’t tell to your parents You can always tell them without fear of being judged.They will laugh at you before healing you emotionally.

You Have A Listener For You Always

They will always listen to you, your stupidities, your problems just like your family does.They will not only listen out to you but will always solve your problems.You can always tell them your problems even at 3 am. They will listen to you at anytime anywhere.They are the best advisors and a problem solver too.

12 Signs Which Prove That Your Friendship Is Real

Your Friendship Is Both Ways

True friends are the ones who will always be there with you.You don’t have to run behind them to stay connected with them.They will always take out time for you to listen out to you to guide you to motivate you, in short, to make you a better person.You know that they are just a phone call away.You know they will stay with you always.

You Have Become A Family

You have known each other for so many years that they have b become a part of your family.You have been friends since your school days.You know each other’s family too well, in fact, your parents also treat them like they treat you.You don’t have to be formal with each other.You have celebrated years together.They have accepted you as you are.You dont have to change yourself.They will always support you like your family.





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