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Travel and fall in love….

Do you ever fell in love?  Have you ever been to a solo trip?  Have you ever tried to go beyond your geographical boundaries? Have you ever met to any stranger and thought that Yes, we are identical. We have a connection sort of thing which we can take to next level and beyond. Some people are more than what they seem. Have you ever  feel that you are empty inside? Need to fill yourself up with such good things which will make you feel fresh and extremely an interesting person inside and out too? Need a break? Have you ever think of  being lost in some random thoughts?


The answers to these kind of questions is one and only and i.e., “JUST TRAVEL SOLO.”  You guys would think why I am telling you to travel solo?  So let me tell you that “Travelling is not just taking a journey, it is like breathing.” Without breathing you cannot survive so as the case with travelling. For travelling solo you don’t need to do much efforts- just find a place to go, pack your bags, make a check list of things and mark it CHECK, book your hotel,  and just go through the roads less travelled.  You are not supposed to wait for somebody who is a late comer or with whom you don’t want to share your trip, or who maybe is a spoiler. You will experience totally different world and the crazy yourself. Believe me! Every human is crazy in some or other manner. Just try it once and you will thank me :p


I should say “Travel and Travel as much as you can as it will make you find yourself.”  In the middle, If  you’ll loose yourself  let it be, you’ll  find an inner self, immense inner peace which will make you a new person. By loosing yourself you will find your soul which is damaged and need to be heal.

If you never fell in love then go for travelling.  If you want to give time to yourself  just travel. Suppose you want to hijack a negative you in yourself so just be positive and TRAVEL J you will definitely find Love during the journey. You will find love in every street, bridge, town, village, river, tree, wind, sand, dirt, rain, and in each and everything you pass on during your travel. You will fall in love with the new, refreshing WIND which blows away your stress, worries and tensions. When it will pass through, you will feel it’s touch everytime and can feel it. That sensation will take you to a new place. Each time when it will blow, it will take your hair off from your face you’ll  feel as if you are  safe and protected. You will fall in love with the ROADS  which will lead you to the destinations which you are not made for but actually which are made for you. These roads become your friend who will not leave you in any of the circumstances you are in. These roads will take you  where you will be able to meet the new you at every new place you reach. Whether it will be day or night, it will chase you nonstop and you’ll get a good company till your journey ends. You will fall in love with the TREES, the more you travel the more it seems as if they are talking to you. Their beauty, their color, their textures, their way of protecting you from the harsh weather, the rustling of leaves will definitely make you awestruck. You can’t even imagine the life which they make you live during your journey. You will fall for the SAND  which with every blow of wind touches you and makes you feel so down to earth and  a newly born child with a new skin covering up the previous layer. It will not remain with yourself every time but teaches you a lesson that you cannot destroy me as you are a part of me and sooner or later you will have to come to me. You can’t hold it but can feel it’s strength when come in touch with the water. The sand will make you feel clean and tidy in some or the other way. Trust me!!

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You will fall for the OCEANS, LAKES, SEAS, RIVERS  as with every wave emerging in, it motivates you to reach that level to touch it. It will talk to you about its love, passion and how does the waves make love when it merges with the silent sea water lying deep down at the surface. You will feel alive when you touch it and let it make you fall in love with you. You will fall in love with the PEOPLE  you meet on your journey. Sometimes the strangers you met while travelling become your friends with whom you want to share your every trip. It will make you confident and feel less shy. You will start accepting the world as it is. Some people will make you feel like you know them and feels connected. I hope you heard that “What you see is not always the truth, sometimes it’s a way of god telling you that you still can clear your thoughts out.” This means that what people seem sometimes they are not the same. People are different in each and every term, you just need to understand them. You will fall in love with the HILLS, MOUNTAINS, SEASHORES  as they will talk to you when you will feel like talking to someone else. Whatever you’ll say they’ll talk to you and give you the answers to all your questions you might ask to them. You just need to listen to them carefully by keeping your mind, soul and heart at one place i.e., where you are right now.  Most importantly, you will fall in love with YOURSELF.  You will feel the new you, started feeling confident, free from prejudices. You will start thinking about the world in a new way which you will never gonna regret for. Travelling will provide you the space to talk solely with yourself , No matter how much long it will take. You will find your fears, strengths, and deals with them accordingly. A Traveler becomes a storyteller which will enables you to find other storytellers with whom you can talk endlessly.

Travelling will solve your every query raised in your life. If you never had any trip before so just go and grab it. Grab that opportunity for wherever and whenever you get a chance to travel, don’t loose it. If you’ll loose  a chance; you’ll loose one life..

Start thinking about it “Go somewhere, it takes you everywhere”


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