10 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Beautiful Zen Space

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Our everyday life is loaded with lots of stress and never-ending work pressure. Succumbing into the chaos of a hectic schedule, we crave for tranquillity and harmony. And your work life might not always allow you to escape into relaxing retreats or vacations. So the only alternative space you are left with most probably is your home.

Did you know that the very surroundings of your home affect your mood immensely? Research says that a cluttered environment at home elevates your stress levels largely. So it’s time to de-clutter your home and transform it into a beautiful Zen space.  The word ‘Zen’ basically comes from the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes meditation and a relaxed and harmonious way of living. So you can also apply the titbits of Zen principle into your interior design.

Here are 10 ways to transform your home into a space of peace and harmony.

Stick to natural fabrics

Choose natural and light-colored fabrics for your room. This is one of the fool-proof ways of turning your home Zen. The color and fabric of curtains tend to set up the mood and also reduce noise in your bedroom. So go for some natural textiles such as linen or wool. Clean white walls or natural-toned walls are soothing to the eyes. So keep the decor as natural as possible.

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Use natural lights

At night, avoid those strong eye-straining lights falling directly from the ceiling. Instead focus on some warm, soft diffused lights or candle lights. Mix two or three different-source lightings to create a relaxed and tranquil space. You can also try placing your sofa closer to the window which will give you an abundance of Vitamin D in the morning, and an artistic natural look to your room.

Remove the mirrors

According to Feng Shui, mirrors can bounce off energy and spread restlessness at home. They tend to trigger anxiety and stress in you. So try to limit the number of mirrors in your home as much as possible. You can place a mirror in your bathroom or opposite your bedroom window so that it will reflect natural light into your room during the daytime.

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Use natural scents

Fragrances affect your mood greatly. Pleasant scents enhance your mood and instill a calming effect. There is a range of essential oils and scented candles you can use to ingrain a Zen atmosphere into your home. If possible, natural flowers can be a good alternative for your home. They will render a more natural and minimalistic ambiance.

Think green

Bring some Feng Shui plants to your home that will radiate positivity into your space. In addition to giving a Zen look to your home, they also make good air-purifiers. They increase the Oxygen levels in the house and remove toxins. Place these plants at different corners and small spaces of the house. Expose them to sunlight once every 15-20 days. These plants are said to bring good luck and harmony into your house. They also lower your stress levels, creating a calming atmosphere. Some of the common plants that are usually preferred are money plant, snake plant, and lucky bamboo plant.

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Go earthy

Small pieces of natural and raw materials add simplicity and uniqueness to your space. This is an important aspect of the Zen principle. Instead of glass and plastic showpieces, shop for wood, marble, hides, clay and cork pieces for your living room. Carved wood pieces add warmth and character to your living space.

De-clutter and organize your space

Whenever you clean a messy surface or remove a stain, your mind de-clutters subtly along with it. Clear your desk and kitchen cabinet. Organize your shelf and shoe rack often. It is a wonderful way of stress detox. These little things help you to be ‘mindful’ – a key element of Zen living.

Create your tiny garden

Bring a bit of life and love into your veranda or balcony by placing some outdoor plants like a hanging terrarium, Place it in a space when it will receive abundant sunlight and warmth. It will impart a minimalistic atmosphere to your outdoors. Practice mindfulness every day by watering your plants and nurturing them in every possible way. This is a great way of Zen living. Adding florals are a bonus as they are very inviting.

Remove electronic devices

Electronics are a great source of distraction nowadays. The vibrations emitted from these devices affect our brain at a subtler level, which often goes unnoticed. As Zen and electronics can’t go hand in hand, try to reduce the number of electronic devices in your home even if you can’t remove them completely. Or try lurking them as much as possible. The wires and cables of television or any other devices interrupt the serene atmosphere of your house. So make sure you hide them to maintain the setting.

Zen wall decors

As I have talked above, white or light-toned palettes are a perfect fit for your wall. Adorn your wall with minimalistic decor items. Opt for wall stickers and paintings that symbolize nature, peace, or beautiful scenery. Such items make great Zen decors and paint your walls with elegance and serenity.

So these are some of the ways to turn your home into a beautiful Zen space. If you have any other decor ideas in mind, then feel free to share them in the comments below.


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