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Most Popular HR Questions In Interviews

Hello Everyone. Today, we will devour into one of the most crucial areas of our lives. A job brings for welcoming scenarios, a proper working environment, and a livelihood. Whether you are working towards your dream job, or whether you are planning to switch your job, you need to get through the interview.

Whether it is a technical job or a non-technical, one of the most prominent rounds is the HR round. In the HR round, questions are based in order to judge your communication skills, your presence of mind and your overall presence and personality. In order to nail this round, you need confidence, a proper attitude, and knowledge regarding the company, your post and so on.

Today, we will thoroughly discuss some of the questions asked in the HR round and how one should tackle them efficiently. Enjoy your read.

Tell Me About Yourself

In an interview, in any part of the world, this stands alone as the epitome of the ‘Most Asked Question’. The answer to this question is the first impression you are going to give to the interviewer. Make sure it is well framed, properly accentuated, and you speak confidently. The question can be properly answered.

We should answer this question in a calm, polite manner, displaying grace and humbleness. Start from your name, schooling, and background.
Thank You for the wonderful opportunity Sir/Ma’am. I am ‘Your_name’ from ‘college_name’. I have done my schooling from ‘School_name’…” and so on.
Further, you should add your hobbies, your dreams, and aspirations.

Remember, you should give a humanitarian point of view in this answer. In fact, be genuine as far as possible. As a matter of fact, in this case, you can also put forth the qualities you possess in a subtle way. It is advisable not to disclose anything about relationship status unless asked, explicitly.

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Brief me about your strengths and weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses
Strengths and weaknesses

As far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned, you must be a little tactful while you answer this question. In this answer too, one must keep it as genuine as possible. Remember, we might even be asked to give an example of some of the qualities we possess.

A well-framed answer would be something of this sort.

“I have been a very patient learner, with a fast learning skill. I am also a team worker and am very hard working.” Something like this would make a nice answer. You can also add something that motivates you, makes you work harder. Try to put forwards points like you are a team worker, a passionate and careerist person. However, do not exaggerate.

This was the relatively easy part. The tough part comes into play now. How do you define your weakness? You can definitely not say that you are lazy, love to sleep late and all the negative things here. So, you have to put diplomatic answers. For example, you can say something like this:

I have an issue of trusting people too quickly, which often leads to tricky situations. Also, I am too much of a perfectionist. I also put beyond my limits a lot of times.
See how you nailed it so well.

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What is your greatest fear?

This is one of the most tricky, stress testing questions that can ever be asked in an interview. As a matter of fact, this answer must be again handled diplomatically. Sure as hell, you would not want to give the interviewer more points to reject you.

You can talk about the present situation that affects you. Some of the most diplomatic and common answers would be losing someone you love or your fear that sometimes you feel that you might lose out on a lot of things and having less knowledge regarding multiple aspects of life.

Remember to add that you are in fact working on the fear to make it better. Remember do not disclose too much personal information. This can lead to farther questions leading you to worse situations like contrasting answers, ensuring a perfect rejection.

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Why Should I hire You?

Alrighty. This is not just an opportunity for you to give your best shot, but to flaunt your skills as well. Take this as the utmost opportunity to brag about your own skills, your qualities, and make the most use of this to display why you are better than a thousand sitting for the same job.

Alternatively, speak about positive traits. You can also mention your previous achievements as a professional – a leader or a team member. Remember we can also use this to showcase our skills and exemplify certain situations demonstrating your presence of mind, intelligence and your ability to work as a team member.

Here, you should talk about your professional persona. As a matter of fact, you can also build on how your achievements and personal traits stand in perfect sync to what the job profile asks for. Often you will need to improvise according to the company’s requirement but don’t indulge in wild lies.

In the next five years, where do you see yourself?

You should be talking about how you want to grow in your current position. The hiring manager will be obviously looking for someone who will be more stable in the job. Here, you will be needing to sell yourself as a bankable candidate. Hence, focus on learning, achievements, growth within the organization.

Remember, the hiring manager also looks for future investment, where the person will be looking for someone who would stay loyal to the company, invest efforts and so on.

However, in case your plan is to opt for a completely different path altogether, you should keep it to yourself, not reveal it to the HR manager and focus on the now. This will altogether develop a trust factor.

How have you improved yourself in the past year?

I think this is one of the most relevant questions one can ask during an interview. This is completely relevant in an interview because it will give the interviewer an insight into how keen you are about your profession. The gaining of knowledge and continuous research in the fields of your profession can make you appear as a dedicated and passionate person as far as jobs are concerned.

For example, if you are a technical geek, or looking for a technical job, you can talk about the various frameworks you have learned, the backend technologies you have read about, and so on.

Apart from the careerist approach, you can also speak about various hobbies that you have acquired. For example, talk about a new language that you have learned, a new instrument that you have learned to play. Remember all these are part of overall growth too.

Sell Me This Pen

I will put forward some personal experience here. This is to check your presence of mind, your selling skills and so on. Though mostly asked in sells and marketing department, this question can be asked in other fields too.

As a matter of fact, in addition to showing your ability to sell, your response to this question is an indicator of your ability to think on your feet, and your sense of practicality. Your answer will also tend to demonstrate your communication skills.

You will need to make sure that you are positive and excited about the product as you introduce it. Introduce the product by saying something that sounds like, “I am extremely excited to tell you about this amazing product…” and so on.
Keep your gestures willing and charming. You should also add the key points that include benefits, a well-formed comparison to other similar products and so on. This will increase the weight of your answer in the interview.

Last but not least, it is important to remember that if you leave a good impression on the interviewer, it will ensure your job. With patience, with proper practice and presence of mind, it is not too difficult to nail an interview in the HR round. All the best for any upcoming! I hope you had a good read!

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