5 most beautiful places in Europe


Europe is a traveler’s paradise. The entire continent is filled with holiday bounty. Nature, the culture, the climate, the golf courses especially Algarve Golf Course everything favors an ideal holiday here. If you are planning a holiday in Europe, here are the top 5 places that should be in your bucket list to Europe.


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Apart from its golf courses, Algarve is famous for its beaches. The coves, dunes and the perfect weather makes it an ideal tourist destination for locals and international travelers. It is the most favored destination in Europe for a vacation. If you are a golf lover or love surfing, you may never want to leave the place. When you visit the country make sure to take the boat ride and discover the coves and caves in the waters. These are a real treat to the eyes. Another thing about this country is that it is colorful. So do visit and have a pleasurable holiday.


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This beautiful place is a hit among tourists. Thanks to its all-year-round sunny weather, it is an ideal place to be visited anytime. It has all the sports activities to try, the beaches to laze around, amazing historical sites and a millennia’s nightlife. Yes, that is true! It has everything one looks to for a holiday. The Popeye village still exists here and is a real hit among the visitors. It looks as good and real as it does in the movies. So visit Malta and have a splendid and completely personalized holiday here. 


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This a bewitching fairytale destination in Europe. The country gives the essence of medieval times. The castles have lots of stories to tell you. You can never get tired of visiting this country. This destination is popular among honeymooners for its romantic ambiance. No matter what the season is, this country has a romantic essence in all of its evenings. It won’t be wrong to say that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated every day in this country. When you’re in Prague, do take a tour and relive the medieval era in all the ways you can.


This is a beautiful place located in Spain. It is mainly known for its history and beautiful castles. It has castles that have inspired the classic movies like Cinderella and Rapunzel. This place has mesmerizing castles and their architecture will surely amaze you. This place is a traveler’s paradise for those seeking peace and tranquility. This city lets you pass each hour intimately and you can enjoy it breathe by breath. Visiting this place is like meditating. So, if you are looking for an ideal break from your chaotic life this is the place for you.


There is a lot more in Italy than only pizzas. Of course, the pizza is as delicious as they can be, but you should see the scenic beauty of this place. It is no less than a wonderland. A walk in any of the cities will make you feel you are in a fairytale. If it is a modern city you will feel like a Hollywood star. The cuisine, nightlife, castles, beaches, mountains, and shopping- this place provides everything. This country is a must on the bucket list of every European traveler. 

Europe is a huge continent and needless to say that every nook and corner is as beautiful as it can be. These are only five countries and Europe is as big and beautiful as it can be. You can explore every country and you will be bewitched by its beauty. So make a bucket list and include as many countries as possible. Start packing your bags and get all flavors of Europe, turn by turn.


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