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10 astonishing viewing platforms and skywalks

We all are familiar with many amazing creation in the world. Everything that is unique in some way attracts our eye. But have you ever heard of skywalks or edgewalks? Very few I guess. Most of us don’t have any idea about them as we barely hear things about these places. But mark my words, these places are the best place to be surprised about.. I know I am sounding different but seriously you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit these astonishing places. If you don’t believe me, then just scroll down. You won’t believe your eyes too..

  1. The Ledge- United States

The ledge, skydeck of will’s tower is amazing. The skydeck is about 1353 ft and 110 stories above the ground. The ledge is designed such a way that the people could be able to see the down as the skydeck is of transparent glass. Yeah you heard it right. The complete skydeck is made up of transparent glass. But need not worry, the walls of this skydeck consist of three layers of glass. These are in form of boxes and when you step into one box, you would be able to see about 50 miles across four states.

2. Cliffwalk Canada

From the name itself you could have guessed that this platform is attached to a cliff. This cliffwalk is attached to a granite cliff. The cliffwalk is present about 300 ft above the river and the length of the walkway is about 213 meters. Long enough isn’t it? The Capilano River in British Columbia, Canada, above which this cliffwalk is placed, gives breathtaking touch to the experience .

3.The Edgewalk  CN Tower- Canada

This place doesn’t require any words at all. This place is the most adventurous place of all time.  This walkway is present at the roof of the CN’S tower restaurant at a height of 356 meters above the ground. Scared by listening about the height? People need not worry because all they need to do is wear the climbing harness and they would be able to walk around the edge of this tower. If you are so scared of height then there is a glass floor present at 342 meters above the ground to enjoy the scenery.

  1. Grand Canyon Skywalk, United States

You are damn wrong if you think this place is not that horrifying by just looking at the picture. This skywalk is a bridge in the shape of horse shoe. A relaxing fact is that this bridge is not made up of glass rather it is completely made up of steel placed at a height of 21 meters above the ground.

5.The Shard England

This place is damn breath taking I must say. It is London’s highest and best view and often known as the tallest building in the whole of England. Then you can imagine how wonderful the view might be from this building….

6.Tokyo Skytree Observation Decks, Japan

Present at a height of 634 meters above the ground, this tower is the tallest tower of the world. Being so tall, this tower provides two observing desks for the visitors.  One is at a height of 350 meters (lower desk) and another one is at a height of 450 meters (upper desk). The view so prominent that even the Mount Fuji could be seen from here.

7.Dachstein Stairway To Nothingness, Austria

The first word that came to my mind is that, ‘no comments’. This walkway is absolutely amazing. This is a 100 meter long glass bridge where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Alps. The people who want to visit the Dachstein stairway to nothingness must have to cross Austria’s highest bridge, with a 1,300 ft drop to the bottom of the mountains. One advice, if you have a strong heart then only takes the risk to visit this place.

8.Alpspix Viewing Platform, Germany

This walkway is an x shaped with two protruding platforms. The viewing platform is hovering 13 meters over an empty void in the space. If you are brave enough to walk to the end of glass walled platforms, then you will get a chance to look 1000 meters down the valley.

9.Matteo Thun’s Viewing Platform, Italy

The binocular shaped view way, is one of the best views in the whole Italy. This platform is suspended over the gardens of Trauttmansdorff and gives a awesome view of the whole garden especially the huge oak trees.

10.Stegastein Lookout, Norway

Being placed 609 meters above the ground, this lookout point is amazingly designed. The bridge gives an awesome view of the mountain surrounding the bridge and at the end the glass panels gives a feeling as if you are going to fall down. Isn’t it amazing?

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