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9 Times Sebastian Stan Buckled The Fandom’s Knees

Sebastian Stan rose to fame after being cast as Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl. He fascinated the fandom with his portrayal of the tortured soul – Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Acknowledging his Adonis-like features, he was branded Tumblr’s boyfriend in the year 2016. However, the latest look he donned for I, Tonya has received a lot of criticism. It involves a certain mustache on that gorgeously chiseled face of his. Anyhow, this list of Sebby’s feats will leave you craving for more of him.

  1. The Buzzfeed Studio Photoshoot that knocked our socks’ off


When he nonchalantly walked into the Buzzfeed studio and shot these babies. Their description of the uploaded album had a demigod tag on it. After perusing these pictures, I don’t think anyone would question that claim.

  1. That “knee-buckling” suit he wore to the Civil War World Premiere

 The intense gaze he fired at the camera during the world premiere of Captain America Civil War. Yes, that unquestionably makes it to the “knee-buckling” moments. Somehow, his cheekbones look a little more accentuated than usual.  Also, there is that devious black suit in which he looks too damn comfortable in.

  1. When he wore that comfy grey sweater at the whiplash screening

Here, Sebby Stan attends the screening of Whiplash hosted by The Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers at the iPaley Centre in New York City. Note that he chose a grey sweater and the fandom probably heard, “Hey girl, feel my sweater. Know what it’s made of – boyfriend material.” He could wear rags for all we care and still look breathtakingly beautiful.

  1. The sexy GQ Style photo shoot where he looked hella dope in them slick shades!

The explosion of hearts was prominent all around the fandom after his GQ Style photo shoot. Stan tried on the coolest shades collection for the debut issue of the season in 2016. Although he is an established and brilliant actor, he doesn’t fail to take some time out for a dazzling photo shoot. His comfort in the attire and equivalent charisma doesn’t allow us to forget that he is a model too. A walking candy bar who entices people involuntarily.

  1. His Oh-so-adorkable bromance with Chris Evans never goes unappreciated

 Chris Evans’ nickname for Stan was “Winter Boo Bear” while filming the second part in the Captain America series. When inquired about it in a press conference for the Winter Soldier promotion, Seb just sighed. Immediately, Chris cooed out, “Don’t be like that boo bear!”. With that said out loud, the crowd cheered on and witnessed the bromance first hand!

Also, they do a lot of synchronised stances and gestures which drive the fandom insane. As if we are not wild already!

Moreover, they publicly cuddle and give one another hugs, much to the crowd’s amusement. We ain’t complaining fellas, it’s good to have a healthy bromance.

  1. Sexy Seabass in silver suits, well you asked for it!

The Romanian immigrant never fails to get attention anywhere he goes. Whether he is out to grab lunch or parading in a silver suit to a movie premiere. And he makes damned sure we fall in love with his accentuated cheekbones when he does. Razor sharp, cleaned up nice and banging delicious in that silver suit of his.

  1. When Romanian goodness combines with brooding Bucky Barnes

Apart from being a dork in real life, who cries at Pixar movies like Up and Inside Out. He turns on his broody charm while he plays James Buchanan Barnes in the Captain America trilogy. His fan following multiplied infinitely after he did just that. Bucky just has a way of getting into your heart and tugging its strings until you feel his anguish and torment. Again, the credit goes to Sebastian for delivering that convincing performance.

  1. Also, his active participation in social media and fan interaction is infectious

Coupled with his endearing and quirky Instagram posts, the man doesn’t stop delighting his fans when met in person. Despite the mounting pile of priorities, he has, he always makes time for his true-hearted fans. His constant posts of interaction are deemed to “give life” to the fandom. Be it runway model ready pictures or dad mustache filled ones, he aims only to please!

  1. Finally, his soul-gazing steely greys that are immensely spine-tingling

Stan’s steely greys are worth more than a million bucks. You could quite possibly drown in those velvety pools of silver. Look at this photo and tell me that you are not already in love with him. If you say no, then you are a liar!


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