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You destroy yourself!

you destroy yourself

You destroy yourself

Yes, you read that right. You destroy yourself. Nobody else is responsible for that. You have the strings of your life in your hands and nobody other than you is responsible for how your life turns out to be or how you turn out to be.

You think your boyfriend destroyed you by leaving you? But wasn’t it you who let him in, in the first place. Wasn’t it you who made it your significant other and made your life revolve around him? Wasn’t it you who let yourself be affected by what he does or how he behaves? You chose to love him. You chose to believe that he loved you back and maybe, he did then why is it so hard for you to accept that he doesn’t love you anymore?

Why did you believe in his ‘forevers’ and ‘always’? Weren’t you responsible for that? He created a fantasy world for you and you chose to believe in it. You placed the strings of your life in his hand. You chose to do that and from then on, he was the one who played with the strings and entangled them but why did you let him come near the strings? Why didn’t you stop him when he wanted to know about the color, the nature and the shape of those strings?

Now that he has left, don’t spend your time trying to detangle those strings. This won’t help you heal. You might even get caught in them, if you attempt to do so. Cut them! Cut those strings that he entangled, don’t try to detangle them but just cut them. That’s how you will learn to grow. That’s how you will learn how to take the strings of your life in your hands. If you end up detangling them ever again, remember to cut them!



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