10 things to do if you are having a bad day

We all have those days… You know, when you basically feel like everything is the end of the world! Days that are dull and make you feel stressed out like you never knew. Yes, we all have those days. But there is no reason you shouldn’t try and make yourself feel better on such a day. You’re stronger than anything that makes you feel sad. Here are a few things you can do to feel better when you’re having a really bad day!

  1. Take a nice long shower – We seriously underestimate the power of a nice, warm shower. How many of us, on days that we are feeling miserable about something, actually bother getting out of bed and taking a shower?! I would say not too many. We sit there wallowing in our sadness. Well, get up and take a shower! See how much better you will feel almost instantly.    shower
  2. Entertain yourself with a light, funny TV show or movie – Like Friends or Sex and the City, or any other favorites you might have! They will instantly lift your mood up – and if nothing else, they will distract you and make you laugh! watch movie
  3. Turn up the music… – And dance to some tunes! Listening to music and dancing is known to be a great cure for lowness. Plus, dancing is a form of exercise, and exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones too!music
  4. Avoid social media – Social media is taking over our lives. Avoid social media on a particularly bad day. All it does is help you focus more on other people’s lives rather than your own. Be with yourself and shut off from the outside world for some time.
  5. Cuddle – With a pet, with your sister, with your bestie, your boyfriend! Hugs and cuddles have a directly positive effect on your mood. The human touch is therapeutic. Never underestimate it.cuddle
  6. Smile – When you smile, a number of physiological changes take place in your body without you even realising it. Smiling releases endorphins in the body, which make you feel happier. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, fake it – because your brain registers the muscle movements in your face and convinces you that you’re happy. So smile, beautiful, and you will soon be truly happy. smile
  7. Hang out with people who make you happy 


  8. Write it down! Penning down your feelings and thoughts when you’re having a rough day can really help you let some of the frustration out. It’s not always important to vent by talking about what’s bothering you. Writing works just as well, if not better.  write
  9. Go and eat your favorite food – Go for it, eat some chocolate, order that pizza – whatever floats your boat and helps you feel better! Just have a guilt free day when you’re allowed to eat what you want. Food can really help cheer you
  10. Take a nice long nap – Taking a nap will definitely help you feel better and lighten up your mood! sleep

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