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A woman’s perspective on relationship

People often say being single is awesome, that’s not always true. There are some adorable perks to be in a relation. What’s more wonderful than being YOUNG, INDEPENDENT and COMMITTED at the same time?

  • You will always have a best friend. Having issues with your friends? He’s always there. Have to decide in a situation? He’s always there to help you decide. Having two minds for what you should wear in a party? He gives you an honest advice.

  • You can stay as you are. Nobody is perfect. You have your flaws; you can be yourself around him without any second thoughts. He won’t judge you like other people. He has accepted you as you are.


  • You can click as many photos as you want with him be it weird or cute.


  • You help each other to grow. Telling each other their weaknesses, helping them build their strengths and constantly having each other’s back.


  • You always have someone to act stupid with, taking up challenges, facing them together, go for an adventure, try new things without any fear.



  • There’s a constant reminder of someone saying how much they love you. He helps you push your abilities forward.


  • He helps you work hard for your talents and aspirations. He frequently tells you that you are at your best. It’s like having a personal cheerleader with you.


  • You can fight with him when you are at your worst mood, and he still will be there to calm you down without fighting back.


  • You can wear his sweatshirt, you can be without make-up and still he will make you feel beautiful.


  • You need not have the most beautiful, expensive and out of this world dates. Ordering a pizza, and eating popcorn while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S is all that you need.


  • You can escape from boring parties and functions.



  • You decide to spend your whole life with him because you know he is your ONE IN A MILLION.


  • A friend, best friend, family and love; all wrapped in one. What more can you ask for?



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