Childhood Fairy Tales


    A question asked by every child to his or her mother, “Mummy how was I born?” Yes I know every one of you must have asked this question with that innocent smirk on your face, wanting to know with an exciting curiosity. Okay now caught you, every mother reading this line must be now smiling remembering the stereotype answer that you gave. “It was late in the night when starts twinkled brightly, a fairy God mother brought you to me. You were sleeping enclosed in the petals of a lovely flower. She blessed you with all the cuteness and joy and vanished walking towards the sky.” Yes I know you must be awestruck with all the imaginations going on your head and also you must have secretly wished that you might one day meet your fairy God mother. “See that is why you are such a cute kid amongst all your classmates,” saying this she must have pinched your cheeks.  How innocent kids are then and yes we all believe this Mummy story only until we turn fifteen, or fourteen for that matter, thanks to our biology classes.fairy

    This is not the only cliched, remember those days…you must be of the age seven or eight. That losing teeth, the pain in the gums, bleeding tooth. When the first tooth finally gave away and came out making space for a stronger one, you must be relieved then. “Mummy yes this tooth fell, I was just trying to brush my teeth when it came out on its own,” you must be really sleepy while brushing your teeth before going to the bed at night. “It is alright my dear, you know what you have to do with this fallen tooth now?” she asked with a questioning smile on her face because now she was going to follow another untold tradition for her child. Yes I know you must be excited about your first fallen tooth and upon that this surprising question must be another coming victory. “Keep this tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy will come in the midnight. When you are deep in your slumber that time she will take away your fallen tooth and will bless you with a stronger tooth this time.” Was it really going to happen this way, well no one among you must have waited till the midnight I’m sure. And after many years you must have realised that tooth fairy was none other than your beloved mother.

    Every one of you must have undergone with these incidents in your life, but these are those small things that bring meaning to life. Imagine if you had not been excited about this fairy taking away your tooth then you might have grumbled every time your tooth fell just because you looked no less than a cartoon. This is the way to live your life some early lessons given by your mother, that see the good in everything and negate the bad in life. You must appreciate this stereotypes because they made your childhood really fascinating and joyful.

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