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One of a kind movies

Are you bored of all those scenes where the hero flips a coin and wipes out all the rowdies before the coin touches the ground? Well here are some of the most mind bending movies that you might have to see more than once to understand. Most of these films are Science fiction and have a certain wow factor to them.


Genre: Sci-fi romance


eternal-sunshineThe reason this movie will always be special is because it gained a large fan crowd by inculcating the element of romance in the sci-fi genre. It has no visible loopholes.
PLOT: The story is about a device which can erase memories. A break up demands the hero make use of the machine Things go haywire because of a fault in the voltage regulator and causes him to experience memories as and then they get deleted. The climax is the best part of the film and gives you Goosebumps irrespective of you being a fan of romance or not.


  • Donnie Darko

Genre: Mystery, fantasy


donnie-darkoThis movie is a completely mind-blowing. You would have to be in constant anxiousness for about three fourths of the movie, because only after that will you be able to understand the genre itself! It has not a single loose end and all the characters in the film have a significant contribution.
PLOT: Donnie Darko tells the story of a troubled teenager who receives disturbing visions from a tall bunny rabbit telling him the world will soon come to an end. Donnie Darko(the hero) has to research about time travel and save the world from destruction.


  • Mulholland drive

Genre: Mystery, psychology


mulholland-driveThis is a weird movie and one cannot understand what the heck happens the first time they watch.
PLOT: After a brutal car accident in Los Angeles, California, Rita is the sole survivor but suffers mass amnesia. Wandering into a stranger’s apartment downtown, her story strangely intertwines with Betty Elms, a perky young woman in search of stardom. However, Betty is intrigued by Rita’s situation and is willing to put aside her dreams to pursue this mystery. The two women soon discover that nothing is as it seems in the city of dreams.


  • Coherence

Genre: Pure Sci-fi


coherence3This movie is one of a kind because of its screenplay which makes a concept so complex, understandable to common man. Many plot twists and unpredictable storyline adds to the richness of content. It is based on the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment.
PLOT: Emily and her boyfriend Kevin are two of several people attending a dinner party at Mike’s house. Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Laurie will be there, making things somewhat tense for both Kevin and Emily. The dinner party goes fairly well until the power goes out following a comet sighting. A set of chaotic events finally converge to a simple ending.


  • Fight club

Genre: psychology, drama

fight-clubThis movie will be an emotional rollercoaster ride. The whole movie is action packed and keeps the viewers excited.
PLOT: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground “fight clubs” forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.

Which one is your favourite?

Gowdham Ravichandran
Gowdham Ravichandran
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  1. Donnie darko was really confusing. Had to do a lot of research work to understand the movie. Good one. Gotto watch the rest..

  2. Donnie darko was really confusing. Had to do a lot of research work to understand the movie. Good one. Gotto watch the rest..


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