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What’s worse for you – Sugar v/s fat?

Few decades past, and the diet-industry has conducted a severe conflict on consumption of sugar v/s fat. It tried to make the leading consumers believe that on lessening the consumption of fat, it is the significant factor to weight-loss. But in recent studies, it is seen that not all fats are harmful. Rather, many ‘healthy low-fat food items’, harms more.

On a visit to any departmental store, you are bound to come across a never-ending range of guarded ‘healthy’ foodstuffs. Most of them are clouted with a ‘trans fat-free’ or ‘less fat’ tag, but in real, harms a lot than doing well!

All these ‘low-fat’ foodstuffs are generally full of preservers, flavours and added sugar, which are to develop taste and heighten delectableness.

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Added sugar can be harmful as compared to fat, when it comes to your weight, but also is quite taxing, on about every aspect of your well-being.

If you cut down on the fat intake, then you may in actual sense, eradicate the many probable health benefits, which the healthy fats cater for. Hence, several consumers keep on speculating that what precisely is worse – sugar or fat!

Consuming sugar and its adverse effects

Sugar triggers inflammation, which causes most of the diseases.  It may then be linked to increased rate of heart diseases, diabetes, and auto-immune ailments. Recent investigation have confirmed that high consumption of sugar can lead to the risk of cancer. If the sugar is consumed in more amount, you will tend to become obese, while heightening the risk to many cancer types.

You should always note that the negative health effects are only restricted by consumption of sugar, as found in unhealthy and processed food, like the baked food stuffs, sweets and aerated drinks.

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Consuming sugar and its positive effects

There are likewise several benefits while consuming sugar. A lot amount of healthy foodstuffs, like fruits consist of natural sugar. But they too supply many micronutrients and fibres, thus lessening sugar absorption and refuting the probable harmful effects on health.

Nonetheless, even though sugar is considered unhealthy world-wide, you must not forget that fat too is an essential part of any diet, while having a long list of health benefits.

Benefits of healthy fat

What's worse for you - Sugar v/s fat?

Fatty acids found in foodstuffs like olive oil, almonds and avocados, actually help in having a healthy heart, low cholesterol level and less inflammation. There are some saturated fatty acids, like coconut-oil, thus linking to the better functioning of the brain, and increasing of the fat burning. But, you have to consume it, as per planned. Moreover, increasing the intake of healthy fat, slows down gastric emptying, while keeping you full. It thus assists in weight loss.

Conversely, not all the fats are produced the same.

‘Not-so-healthy’ fats

What's worse for you - Sugar v/s fat?
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Fats found in processed foodstuff are harmful for your health. Trans fats are generally found in processed foodstuff, and vegetable oil, which are hydrogenated. They are hence associated with lot amount of negative health conditions, like diabetes and heart diseases. You should try to steer-out clear, while opting for the healthier ones.

Sugar v/s fat

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Certain minor alterations for healthier food choices can help in improving your health. As seen, sugar is highly addictive with adverse health effects. While, healthy fats are an essential part of the diet. This actually aids in loss of weight, for healthy heart and reducing inflammation. Considering all these above reasons, and adjusting your calorie consumption as related to weight loss, it is hereafter best to switch from sugar in your diet to ‘healthy’ fats instead.

Arpita Chatterjee
Arpita Chatterjee
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