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16 Effective Ways To Reduce Obesity Top

Now a days, the most important thing that matters to a person are their looks. Gone are those days when people used to judge as per a person’s heart. Looks are the main concern now. So everyone wants to look fit and fine, not someone big fat belly, barely could walk and rather than gazing on hot chick/guys, considers a place to sit as their 1st love. Obesity not only hampers someone’s personality, it also causes many health issues. So it’s high time people.. You need to breakup with obesity. You need not go back to the previous partner named gym rather I have some new ways you would love to be in a relationship with. Want to see your new partners?? Here you go.

1. Eat wisely

You guys are serious fools to think that dieting reduces obesity. No way. Rather it makes you weaker. Rather than dieting, choose a wise meal which would include as much proteins, calcium and minerals it can. And mainly avoid sugar based food. They are damn tasty but full of calories. Do you want unwanted calories dancing inside your body? No I guess.

2. Choose water  and screw soft drinks

Yeah.. Take as much water you can. Drinking almost 10 glasses a day can reduce about 20 calories. These are not only numbers, this is a true fact. Basically drinking water is a effective way to avoid hunger which will ultimately save more calories to be added. N soft drinks do have calories so rather than drinking hell lot of calories, drink water.

3. Dance your heart out

To release your weight, the best way recommended is exercise but exercise are damn tiring and in a busy life, it is not possible to take out some times for exercise. So I would recommend you to dance as much you can. Dancing randomly increases the heart beat n burns about 80 calories. Yeah, true facts.

4. Swimming

Yeah swimming is not only a fun task rather it involves muscles movement which can burn about 50 calories. Might be thinking it would have been better if you would have born as a fish. I would suggest if you want to reduce your weight then try to live like a fish. Just kidding.

5. Cycling

Yeah cycling is not only a sport, it also serve as a purpose of weight reducer. It is a sworn enemy of obesity. I won’t go to the number of calories but surely cycling is one of the fun weight reducing tasks. So I don’t find any point to ignore this way.

6. Don’t be a spoil sport

Seriously man!!! You need to be energetic enough to participate in every task. Like may that be household works or shopping, gardening and all, just do it. Sitting like a unhealthy person won’t help you at all. So try to be involved in all physical works. And guys, TV and computers are the hindrance in your path. Avoid as much you can.

7. Fruits and veggies are your best friends

As mentioned, yes fruits and vegetable are very good in terms of obesity reducer. It also controls your hunger which helps to keep you fit. Time to add fruits into your diet.

8. Kick stress out of your life

Yes man, stress is damn harmful for mind as well as for health. May be you will believe or not, but when you are in stress, you urge to eat more and more and then you know the consequences rights. So kick stress out, the upcoming fats will forget their path to your body.

9. Use vinegar

Try to drink water with 2-3 drops of vinegar. Its acidic nature burns some of your fats and it completely hygienic too.

10.  Stick to natural herbs

Sticking to natural stuffs helps a lot. Like drinking natural tea and aloe Vera helps a lot to control the fat storage in out body. Beneficial isn’t it?

11. Bake it rather than frying your carbs

It is always advisable to bake your foods rather than frying it. Who would like to add carbs to their body frying it? You are not one of those fools right? By the way, baked are tasty too. Try it

12. Fat burning exercises

You seriously need to make some time to see yourself fit. Taking precautions is good but seriously some exercises are must to reduce your tummy. May that be for 15 minutes, but some weight reducing exercises are advisable like pushups, sit-ups. You need to sweat to see yourself  beautiful. I guess this is not too much to get a jaw dropping look. Think about it.



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