HomesocialWeirdest Laws Around the World(Might Leave you in Splits)

Weirdest Laws Around the World(Might Leave you in Splits)

A law is a systematic arrangement of rules within an enclosed area to be followed by the members involved in the group. As we know, the rules are just instructions within a community to make it a better place. Whether it is among the world, a country, a state, city or within a household, all the members need to follow the rules. A country likes the citizens or tourists to follow some certain kind of rules. There are laws to maintain cleanliness, pollution, politeness and safety among citizens in various countries. However, there are some of the weirdest laws in the world that you might have had no idea about. A lot of the laws imparted by some countries makes no sense. Obviously, there might be a backstory to a law or maybe not, but we’ll leave that up to your decision.

Here are some of the weirdest laws across the globe that are sure to make you laugh.   

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It Is Illegal to Own Only One Goldfish in Switzerland

A Single Goldfish

Anyone thinking about having a goldfish as a pet, has to get two. In Switzerland, it is not allowed to own a single goldfish. Well, why would you want to keep a goldfish alone anyway? However, it is to ensure that the fish is entertained by a companion in the water. It is a less known fact that most fishes cannot survive alone and without attention, it dies. Hmm.. Sounds like a Kardashian. However, Switzerland has taken an action to protect the goldfishes by making it illegal to own just one.

Dance after midnight only with the lights on in Japan

If you are dancing in Japan after midnight, you should be in the visible sight. It is against the law to turn the lights off while dancing after 12AM in the country. Well, as sketchy as it sounds, it is actually enforced to ensure safety of an individual inside the house. To make sure that the person is just dancing and not under any danger, and maybe to provide entertainment to the stalkers.  

Criminal Intentions in mind while driving through Washington City? It’s Polite to Call first!

Calling to Inform the Crime

The rising crime rate around the world is actually a major concern among civilians. We obviously want to be safe want actions to be taken against a criminal strictly. Washington City had a masterplan in order to do so. The law in Washington states that if a person is driving into the city with criminal intentions in mind, calling is necessary. Call the city police to inform that you’re in the city and mention the dates you’re planning to proceed with the crime. Just challenge the police before committing the crime, Genius Right? Crime Solved! 

You Can’t Leave the House Without Wearing an Underwear in Thailand

It is illegal to leave your house or hotel in Thailand without an underwear. The law is to avoid revealing clothes in public and to prevent nuisance. Most men roaming around without an underwear puts on a disgusting sight to anyone, be it residents or tourists. Well, it’s Thailand! So maybe not particularly men? Nonetheless, an undergarment is compulsory to everyone before stepping out, so remember to pack a load before a trip.

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It Is Illegal to Drive a Dirty Car in Russia

Driving a Dirty Car

Well, who likes a dirty car running around theirs on the road? Certainly not Russia. A law in Russia states that a car must be frequently washed before being driven. It is against the law to drive a dirty car on to the road and you can be fined. It is majorly to promote cleanliness among the individuals and in the streets. 

Reincarnation is Illegal Without the Government’s Permission in China

Reincarnation Practices

I know, I know. You had the plans of reincarnating someone over the weekend, Right? Guess what, me too. However, Reincarnation is illegal in China unless you have the Government’s permission to do so. It may sound a bit crazy at first, but the law was to eliminate dangerous religious practices. The increasing practices of the Buddhist community became a terror for China around 1991. Reincarnation is declared against the law ever since. However, there were protests regarding the practice being prohibited.    

It’s Illegal to Ride a Cow Drunk in Scotland

Riding a Cow Drunk

Scotland has made it illegal to ride a cow under the intoxication of alcohol. It is to protect the cows against violence or heinous acts. Scotland is also particular for its cows and cowmilk, so it is against the law to ride a cow drunk. Well, there is no fun in riding it sober, Right?

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You Can’t Trash-talk about the King in Thailand

Thailand has made it to the list again with another weirdest law. A law in the country states that the King’s family should be praised at all times. It clearly states that criticism, mockery and dissing the King or his family will land you to the jail or worse. However, some countries do not need an official law to impose it, not pointing any fingers but I guess you have the right idea in mind.  

Chickens are Prohibited from Crossing the Road in Georgia

Chicken Crossing the Road

Georgia is one among the various countries that does injustice to the Chickens. A weird law in the country states that a Chicken cannot cross the road on its own. The owner of the chicken needs to be attentive at all times. The law was to ensure road safety as it is very risky if a chicken just pops in front of the car. It is illegal for farm animals to be on the road alone. Well, a Chicken tried it and is still in jail waiting to be released, so, all the chickens reading this, please don’t try this in Georgia.

It Is Illegal to Die in Certain Cities in Italy

Death is Illegal

Speaking of the weird laws around the world, Italy has officially banned dying in certain cities. It is against the law to die in some cities of Italy. Well, it was originally because of the high population of senior citizens in the country. Italy has highest number of elderly living in some cities, so, they made it illegal to lose their lives in the city. However, if they do, who would be guilty? Who would be paying the fine or get under arrest? Death is not something one can pre-plan, Right?

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Bigfoot Is Strictly Under Protection in Washington


Many residents of Washington believe that a Bigfoot is just a creation of imagination. While some believe that the Bigfoot exists, there is no solid proof. We cannot tend to believe without an establishment of the act, Right? High technology, camera tricks, very few evidences, even our own eyes deceive us at times. However, there is a law in Washington that states the Bigfoot is strictly under protection from the state. If anyone tries to attack or go hunting for the Bigfoot, he is committing a crime.

Do Not Run out of Gas in Autobahn, Germany

Autobahn, Germany

Autobahn is the federal control-access highway in Germany. It is one of the busiest highways in the world in one of the busiest countries. In order to ensure a smooth and fast flow of vehicles through the path, Germany has a weird law. Running out of gas in Autobahn is illegal and the driver can be fined. Well, it is true nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but the highway is considerably long. Make sure to fill in gas before driving through the Autobahn Highway.

No Peeing in the Ocean in Portugal

Ocean in Portugal

It is known that peeing in swimming pool is disrespectful and inconsiderate. Some swimming pools also take strict actions for the same. However, a law in Portugal suggest that peeing in the Ocean is also similarly illegal. To maintain a clean ocean and a beautiful view for the visitors, the Ocean needs to be kept clean. Anyone who goes for the act is going against the law and will be in imposition of a fine.

Don’t Wake a Hibernating Bear for Pictures in Alaska

Hibernating Bear

Another law in Alaska states that a hibernating bear should not be woken up for pictures. First of all, why would someone wake any bear up in the mid sleep. Humans get cranky with the broken sleep, bears can get really violent, Obviously? Moreover, the respect needs to be shown to the animals in Alaska. Waking up a bear for pictures can get you a huge fine and you’ll look cruel for the act.

Working out is Strictly Banned While Driving in Oregon

Working out while Driving

It is illegal to workout while driving in Oregon. It is well known that being on phone or under influence of alcohol can cause a distraction while driving which might lead to an accident. However, people working out in running cars was evident which led to heinous accidents. Working out or any other distraction while driving is strictly unlawful ever since. 

Radios must Promote only Canadian Artists in Canada

The word has spread around Canada to promote only Canadian artists and their music among the locals. A law has stated that only Canadian music can be played in the radio to show the support to the local artists. A legal action can be taken against the radio stations if they try to play any other artist.

Chewing Gum in Singapore

Chewing Gum

Among one of the popular weird law is the ban of chewing gum in Singapore. Well, chewing gum can be fun until it is in the mouth but the sticky gum can cause problems after being spat. Chewing gum is not easily disposable, Hence, it can stick anywhere if not taken care properly. Due to this issue, Singapore has a ban on chewing gum avoiding future problems. It is not available to buy it anywhere or carry from outside while travelling, in Singapore.

Naming Your Baby? Here’s a Catalogue! For Denmark

Denmark has several rules when it comes to naming a baby. You cannot name your baby anything weird without the government’s permission. There is a list of 7000 registered names for the locals of Denmark. Any baby that belongs to the country should be named according to the registered names. Among the few names which are completely banned are North, Apple etc.

Do Not Feed the Pigeons in Venice

Feeding the Pigeons in Venice

It is against the law to feed the pigeons in Venice. The pigeons can cause harm to the monuments as well as the tourist, according to the government. A flock of pigeon can scare the crowd away or damage the monument and deplete its beauty. So, feeding the pigeons in Venice can get you a heave amount of fine or even land you in jail.

It is Illegal to Frown in Public in Milan, Italy

Frowning in Public

Do not express your emotions in Public if you’re sad, Do not! Italy has made it illegal for a person to be frowning in the crowd. Unless it is a funeral or inside the hospital, a person cannot be seen sad. A smile or a laugh should be spread at all times in the public areas. It is understandable that the major purpose is to spread happiness around and maintain a good environment. However, fining or punishing a sad person will not change his/her mood, in fact, will make them more miserable. Did not think this through, huh?

You Can’t Flush a Toilet after 10 p.m. in Switzerland.

Flushing the Toilet

If you’re planning to go to the toilet after 10PM, Don’t! Another strange law has come into play from Switzerland. The law suggest that you can’t flush your toilet after 10PM. The law was to avoid the drains from overflowing and keeping the country clean. However, not flushing after 10PM seem difficult, but might help in the sleep schedule. Thoughts?

It’s Against the Law to Bring a Lion to the movies in Baltimore.

Do not Bring Lion into the movies

Baltimore has an official law that considers bringing a lion into the movie theatre as illegal. It is illegal to bring in your lion into the movies, Bummer, Right? This law is pretty self-explanatory, crowd in Baltimore is scared of lions, Pfff.. Thankfully, my habitat is in India.

According to a law in Scotland, You have to Let in anyone who Knocks the Door for Washroom

Another one of the weirdest laws from Scotland is to let strangers in your home if they knock. Well, don’t worry, not the kinds that have weapons and threaten you. However, if anyone knocks on the door asking to use your washroom, you have to let them in. It is illegal to turn down someone who wants to use your restroom in Scotland. The law was to minimize or eliminate open urination and keep the streets clean. The only way that is possible is by allowing strangers into your homes, Right? Ever heard of Public restrooms, Government?

Selfies with Buddha & Tattoos are Against the Law in Sri Lanka

Selfies with Buddha

Sri Lanka has a majority of followers of Buddhism. The Statue of Buddha is highly respected and considered a symbol of love and peace. Taking pictures, selfies is among the acts of disrespect and strict actions can be taken. Imitating the Buddha statue and having tattoos of Buddha is also illegal and a fine or jail punishment is imposable for the same.

Ban on Ketchup in School Cafeterias in France

Ketchup Ban in France

France has a ban on Ketchup in School Cafeterias. Well, there is no perfect way to explain the law to the people. However, the kids can be punished or fined on having ketchup in the campus. Seems like the schools really don’t want the kids to have some ketchup with their food.

No more than 50 Kgs of Potatoes allowed in West Australia


West Australia does not allow anyone to have more than 50kgs of spuds. The amount may seem too large anyhow for an individual. However, even a vendor cannot carry 50kgs of potatoes. The law was enforced due to the scarcity of the vegetables in the country and uneven distribution in the areas.

Pregnant women are Prohibited from Wearing Hats in Madagascar

Pregnant Women with Hat

This is another law without a possible perfect explanation to the people. Pregnant women in Madagascar cannot wear any hats. A fine is imposable if a pregnant lady is wearing a hat, even at a beach or a sunny day.

It is illegal to Forget your Wife’s Birthday in Samoa

“If forgetting wife’s birthday is a crime, I plead Guilty” said every man ever. However, Samoa has taken it seriously enough to turn it into a law. Forgetting your wife’s birthday is against the law. Legal action against the husband is possible, if the wife wants. Husband has to pay his wife and the officials a compensation. Wow, Right? Seems like someone forgot his wife’s birthday pretty hard! 

No Sleeping Donkeys in the Bathtub after 7 pm in Arizona

Weirdest Laws Around the World(Might Leave you in Splits)

It is Illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7PM. Ever thought you will hear the combination of these words in your life? Me neither. Arizona has a ban on donkeys sleeping in your bathtub after 7PM. A person will have to pay a handsome fine if he/she goes against this law.

Wearing a Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt is Not Allowed in Poland

Weirdest Laws Around the World(Might Leave you in Splits)

Winnie the Pooh is a cute character from kids cartoon channel who we all love. However, Poland doesn’t want anyone wearing any clothes with Winnie the Pooh. Even the cartoon is not available on the television in Poland. The law has a pretty good explanation though, a lovable bear with red shirt but wears no pants. Poland doesn’t want the kids to learn about dressing improperly. They really don’t want Winnie the Pooh to set a fashion statement among the kids.

These are some weirdest laws around the globe that might shock you. Reading some of these must’ve left you scratching your head. Comment below which law did you find the most amusing and weird, and why?  



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